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Mick - Revisited

Mick, a former gang member from Sydney's western suburbs, reflects on recent changes in his life and his attitude to his Hungarian heritage.
Series : Our Multicultural Society Series 1 | Episode : 9 | Year : 1978 | Total Duration : 10.5 Minutes | Producer : Tom Manefield, Jan Sharp (Associate Producer)
Director : Phillip Noyce |
Mick and family watching a film made about him when he was in sharpie gang. Reactions from his girlfriend Debbie and family after watching the footage. High angle pan over suburban rooftops. Mick and Debbie at home, Mick on floor watching cartoons on television, Debbie in kitchen cooking. Interview with Debbie and VS domestic scenes. VS old B&W photographs in album of Mick's Hungarian parents. Voice-over of his father talking about his cultural ways via a translater. B&W photos of Mick and his siblings growing up. CUs Mick's father talking about their earlier life. Good shots of fashion parade in suburban shopping centre with crowds watching. Mick and Debbie watching parade and shopping for clothes. VS playing poker machines. CU interview with Mick in singlet, body covered in tattoos. VS Mick in employment office and having interview with officer. Mick and Debbie unloading dirt bike, gearing up and riding away.
Access No. 148482 | 10 mins 26 secs | 1970s | Australia | © NFSA | Colour |