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Sons of the Surf

Australians at the beach.
Year : 1930 | Total Duration : 5.5 Minutes |
Boys wearing swimming costumes stand at the waters edge of beach. Pine tree lined beach with people on sand and swimming. Crowds of clothed people sitting and standing on sand. Surfer on board coming in to shore does headstand on board. Lifesaver stands atop a tall ladder looking out at the surf and swimmers. Man in suit on beach with lifesavers. Man on loud hailer gives directions. Group of lifesavers and men in suits cheer each other. Lifesavers on parade with crowd looking on. Lined up in their clubs they march away from the surf. Lifesavers in their club row boats set out on the waves. Boats heading towards the shore. Men jump over waves and jump off rock into surf.
Access No. 4063 | 5 mins 22 secs | 1930s | NSW, Australia | © NFSA | B&W |