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New Horizons - Out Takes

This series explores the dramatic impact of global economic change on people's lives.
Year : 1996 | Total Duration : 10 x 27 minute episodes | Producer : Megan McMurchy (Co-ordinating)
Good red earth and blue sky outback shots, dry desert and plains, sand hills, good CUs spinnifex and desert plants, animal tracks in red soil, low scrubby bush, blue sky, one flowering plant shot
Access No. 47999 | 13 mins 42 secs | 1990s | © NFSA | Colour |
Qantas aircraft with Aboriginal design taking off, landing and taxiing. Interior airport, people at duty free shops.
Access No. 123029 | 24 mins 55 secs | 1990s | Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
Pan across red rocky outcrop in outback bush setting. Blue evening sky with moon. Evening light over field of spinifex grass. Good bright day shot of green grass against red earth. Good termite hills in green spinifex like grass. Good flowering native bushes. Good CU on flowering gum tree. Good CU on wattle. CU on dead tree. Good lizard / gecko / skink camouflaged against red earth.
Access No. 124371 | 10 mins 30 secs | 1990s | © NFSA | Colour |
VS of earth mover, bull dozer, road grader. Old rusty car on its end in red earth, old rusty car engine in fork of tree - all in outback bush landscape
Access No. 124372 | 2 mins 30 secs | 1990s | © NFSA | Colour |