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Presidential Tour

The President of the U.S.A., Lyndon B Johnson and Mrs Johnson visit Australia
Year : 1966 | Total Duration : 28 Minutes | Producer : Stanley Hawes, Frank Bagnall
High angle pan over crowds in street, LBJ banners on buildings to welcome US President Lyndon Johnson. WS Johnson in crowds waving American flags. VS US flagpoles, banners, flags. GS Prime Minister Harold Holt coming out of building. Canons, cameramen and preparations for visit at Canberra Airport. WS plane on tarmac at sunrise. WS rainbow and VS assembled crowds. WS Johnson and entourage leaving plane to waiting crowds. GS canons firing and President taking salute with Governor-General Lord Casey, PM Holt and US Ambassador to Australia Ed Clark at his side. VS military band and saluting. CU American flag. Holt speech. Parts of reply speech from Johnson.
Access No. 142027 | 4 mins 57 secs | 1960s | Canberra, ACT, Australia | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | Colour |
Military attendance for welcome ceremony for US President Lyndon Johnson's Australian visit. GS police escort for Johnson's care and WS schoolchildren lining stairs of the Australian War Memorial. Pan past Memorial Drive past assembled officials, media and returned servicemen outside War Memorial as Johnson appears. Wreath laying ceremony led by Johnson. GS soldier with head bowed. GS Mrs Johnson planting Arizona Cypress at Regatta Point Lookout with Minister for the Interior Mr JD Anthony at her side. VS cameramen recording the event. GS Mrs Johnson kissing children. Tilt up Australian-American Memorial with stone eagle on top and VS Johnson inspecting the Memorial and inscription. WS Old Parliament House. VS onlookers (note fashions, glasses, hats). VS President and Mrs Johnson and other delegates arriving.
Access No. 142028 | 3 mins 21 secs | 1960s | Canberra, ACT, Australia | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | Colour |
President Lyndon Johnson giving address at table during official dinner at Old Parliament House surrounded by decorations of cream and yellow roses. VS other seated delegates including Japanese woman in traditional dress. MS Johnson at podium giving "All the Way" speech. Johnson talking to representatives from Australian Labor. Good shots of Johnson laughing with Arthur Caldwell and Gough Whitlam. VS barbecue at Lanyon Station with VS Johnson and MS Gough Whitlam, Dame Zara Holt. Johnson being presented with digger hat. High angle shot over Melbourne tram and tilt along Collins Street. Huge Welcome to Melbourne banner being erected. Banner with American eagle and rosette of American flags. Nurses joining transport conductors and others to greet Johnson.
Access No. 142029 | 3 mins 32 secs | 1960s | Canberra, ACT; Melbourne, VIC, Australia | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | Colour |
President and Mrs Johnson down steps of plane at Melbourne airport. VS crowds waving American flags. Johnson greeting Governor and Lady Delacombe, Premier and Lady Bolte. VS Johnson waving from car as he passes crowds in city procession. VS car being mobbed and soldiers trying to contain crowd. VS banners, posters and ticker-tape. CU chief bodyguard smiling. GS Elm Tree House with Sir Norman and Dame Mabel Brookes greeting President and Lady Johnson and Prime Minister Holt. GS police cordon around Johnson's car as crowds surge and MS Johnson with Dame Brookes at his car. WS Government House, Melbourne. High shot over Governor Delacombe with Johnson and wives up red carpet to entrance. Good WS of traffic on southern approach to Sydney Harbour Bridge with "Sydney Welcomes President Johnson" banner on toll booths.
Access No. 142030 | 4 mins 37 secs | 1960s | Melbourne, VIC, Australia | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | Colour |
Tilt down Sydney Town Hall to similar banner and crowds outside. Tilt from pedestrians on street corner to banner with LBJ and cowboy hat on it. High angle and GS of crowds mobbing truck handing out pro LBJ placards and American and Australian flags. GS crowds waiting behind cordons. VS President Johnson's car being mobbed by crowds, GS security guards accompanying motorcade and mounted police. GS scuffle between bodyguard and protester. High angle shot over Presidential cars down city street lined with crowds and streamers being thrown from buildings. Travelling shots of ticker tape showering cars.
Access No. 142031 | 2 mins 22 secs | 1960s | Sydney, NSW, Australia | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | Colour |
VS crowds being filmed waiting for President Johnson motorcade down Art Gallery Road. GS protesters waving placards. MS President Johnson getting out of car and waving to crowds. WS crowds converging on the Art Gallery of NSW and MS President and Mrs Johnson climbing stairs to enter Art Gallery with Mrs Askin. MS Mrs Johnson waving to crowd. Tilt down high-rise office building to crowds lining Circular Quay. GS Johnson standing up in travelling car. MS Premier Askin introducing Johnson to student who gives him a gift from the children of NSW. GS placard with portrait of Johnson in crowd. High shot over President Johnson aboard Captain Philip naval cruiser setting off from Circular Quay. WS Circular Quay from water and VS boats and yachts following cruiser on harbour past Kirribilli House and under Sydney Harbour Bridge.
Access No. 142032 | 2 mins 57 secs | 1960s | Sydney, NSW, Australia | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | Colour |
CU past Guglielmo Marconi passenger liner in Circular Quay to WS crowds outside Maritime Services Board Building (now Museum of Contemporary Art). WS overseas passenger terminal with Sydney Harbour Bridge in background. High angle shot over city of Brisbane with City Hall in mid ground. WS presidential motorcade through city street lined with small crowds. MS Aboriginal mother holding baby with small son waving to camera. Motorcade with bodyguards on foot towards camera. WS crowds mobbing President Johnson. CU young girl in hat and gloves holding small "LBJ" placard. Track following presidential car to tarmac with MS of President with Premier Nicklin, GS crowds and GS schoolgirl choir singing "Auld Lang Syne" on tarmac. CUs President and Mrs Johnson shaking hands with them.
Access No. 142033 | 2 mins 6 secs | 1960s | Sydney, NSW; Brisbane, QLD, Australia | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | Colour |
High angle WS over Townsville. WS main street in Townsville with colonnaded historic Buchanan's Hotel on left. GS President and Mrs Johnson walking down steps outside church with Archbishop. WS welcome banner iron lace facade of Buchanan's Hotel. GS crowds behind barricades and CU Australian Red Ensign flag held aloft. GS Johnson waving Australian flag from car window as he is driven away. WS President and Mrs Johnson climbing stairs of their aircraft, waving to supporters and making clenched hand salute and victory sign to them. High shots over crowd waving goodbye. WS plane taking off
Access No. 142034 | 2 mins 38 secs | 1960s | Qld, Australia | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | Colour |