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Survey of Australia's tobacco industry from the cultivation of the leaf to the manufactured article.
Year : 1930 | Total Duration : 10 Minutes |
CU of man removing a protective net from tobacco plant . Scientific laboratory scene with flasks on bunsen burners and tobacco being poured through glass flask into glass cup on set of scales for weighing. CU on two pots of tobacco seeds. Men & women sowing seeds in prepared beds. WS of horse drawn plough. Good shots of man on horse drawn plough (1938)
Access No. 39646 | 1 min 30 secs | 1930s | © NFSA | B&W |
Women working in fields. Woman holding tobacco. Unusual horse drawn planting out machine which prepares the soil for the seedling, fertilises and waters the seedling then fills in the soil around the plants. Man sitting on barrel and driving machine, two men sitting low to ground and one man follows machine filling in dirt. CU on new plant shoots. Farmer walking behind horse drawn plough
Access No. 39649 | 1 min 3 secs | 1930s | © NFSA | B&W |
Men working in irrigated furrows on tobacco plantation. Spray irrigation at work, removing flower heads from mature tobacco plants, covering some with white muslin for seed gathering. CU of tobacco leaf. Harvesting by picking by hand, tobacco crops carried out wrapped in hessian on men's backs, loaded onto horse & cart (1938)
Access No. 39650 | 1 min 52 secs | 1930s | © NFSA | B&W |
Bales of tobacco leaves unloaded, tied to sticks for tobacco curing kiln - known as stringing the leaves, men looking into open bales, fermentation processes, good shots of women working grading, steaming and tying leaves into bundles, The Dalco Tobacco Press used to create bales, packing into boxes and hessian bales (1938)
Access No. 39651 | 2 mins 34 secs | 1930s | © NFSA | B&W |
Hessian bales of tobacco leaves being unloaded into factory for inspection and re-drying, various processes for different grades of tobacco. CU on pile of tobacco leaves, pressing and cutting tobacco, good shot of two women pressing tobacco leaf. Cutting machine for fine cut tobacco for cigarettes. Machine for rolling cigarettes. Woman stacking cigarettes. CSIRO scientists inspecting tobacco leaves in laboratory . Good shot of laboratory equipment. Scientists smoking the cigarettes in test situation. Good MS of old man in hat smoking pipe(1938)
Access No. 39652 | 3 mins 21 secs | 1930s | © NFSA | B&W |