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Corin Dam

Construction of the 16,600 million gallon Corin Dam to store water for Canberra.
Year : 1958 | Total Duration : 18.5 Minutes | Producer : Frank Bagnall
High shots over city of Canberra with hills in distance. Track of car along road and direction signs showing Canberra and Corin Dam. Illustrated chart showing relationship between Corin and Bendora dams, Mt Stromlo water treatment plant and Canberra. WS water flowing from Bendora Dam. High shot over gravity main pipeline and VS construction of access roads, storage buildings and worker accommodation. Caterpillar bulldozers and scoops, men inspecting tunnel and WS denuded abutments for dam. CU worker in hard hat. Men activating landmine, WS explosion, WS earthmoving, tractors, tip trucks diverting Cotter River flow with soil, rocks and logs. Old river bed being stripped and cleaned with pressure hoses for dam construction. Aerials over dam foundations. Diagram explaining construction procedure.
Access No. 150271 | 7 mins 44 secs | 1950s | Canberra, ACT, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
MS older worker in hard hat. GS tip truck climbing hillside with rubble for building dam walls, VS earthmoving machinery over other parts of dam area. Men wetting core material with hoses, compacting rollers over area, CU of spikes from rollers. Steel rods over downstream rock face, water and cement into drill holes, VS water pressure tests, LS burning waste material. VS spillway construction and construction of outlet valve tower. Various WS of construction progress. VS surveyors, engineers, supervisors, labourers. Oversized pipe on sledge being hauled by caterpillar tractor from various angles. Steel bulkhead being craned into position. WS completed spillway and chute, water in completed dam, cars on completed access roads. Aerial tracks over dam from plane.
Access No. 150272 | 1950s | Canberra, ACT, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |