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Apprentice, The

This training film looks at a typical apprenticeship scheme in Australian industry.
Year : 1968 | Total Duration : 26 Minutes | Producer : Malcolm Otton
Director : Alan Harkness |
Commercial aircraft hangar, tractor being driven past wing of large aircraft. Qantas jet plane being serviced. Engineer working on motor of Qantas V-Jet. Young mechanic's face. GS of two technicians sitting at workdesk. CUs of female technician making dental bite block for partial upper denture. MS showing her cat's-eye glasses and typical 1960s hair style and fashion. WS electical power station and VS engineers making connection to transformer. Very good hairdressing shots with VS of salon and apprentices applying colour to clients' hair.
Access No. 146840 | 42 secs | 1960s | Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
VS of photographic assistant working machinery to create litho shots of photograph. MS of him developing film in chemical bath then hanging negative on light box. MS builder soldering downpipes and WS of him working at elevated building site. Zoom out from CU of apprentice fitter and turner and instructor in tool room to WS of them watching machinery. VS of apprentice operating at machines and CUs of machines at work. VS of automated planer in action. VS of various apprentices at work in automobile manufacturers factory making machine parts. CU Sign instructing the use of eye protection. CU of drill and CU of apprentice filing metal part.
Access No. 146841 | 2 mins 12 secs | 1960s | Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
Aerial footage over industrial sites with factories and large car parks. WS man arriving home to weatherboard house. CU as he introduces himself to camera and relates his background. VS of old B&W photographs as he speaks about his childhood and upbringing including photographs of arriving in Sydney on ocean liner from England. Zoom out to WS of weatherboard house in suburban Geelong. WS looking along beach on Victorian coast. VS houses in beachside suburb. CU shots following woman around house cleaning table and benchtops and television set.
Access No. 146842 | 1 min 25 secs | 1960s | Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
GS young male high school students working on projects in woodworking class. Zoom our from technical drawing teacher drawing diagram on blackboard to WS of students working at drawing boards. Zoom out from CU of student using automated drill in metalwork class. Pan to other students at metalworking benches. Zoom out from GS of male students pouring out of door to WS of Geelong East Technical School exterior as students walk out of gates. Low angle shots of boys riding past camera on bicycles. WS of government building and VS of young man taking aptitude test at Commonwealth Employment Service cubicle and VS of interview regarding apprenticeships and MS of him looking at related printed material.
Access No. 146843 | 1 min 11 secs | 1960s | Geelong, Vic, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
WS parents being seated in Commonwealth Employment office and discussing apprenticeship and education options with counsellor. VS of superintendent of engine plant inspecting machinery in suit and tie and WS of stamping engineering department manager in cross table discussion with colleague, both used as examples of former apprentices. MS counsellor talking about the development of apprentices. VS of apprentices at work in automobile manufacturers factory. WS apprentice training centre with VS of young men receiving training in fitting and machining from instructors as well as GS of apprentice at desk with folders receiving instruction regarding administration.
Access No. 146844 | 2 mins 13 secs | 1960s | Geelong, Vic, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
CU names being pinned up on board and GS counsellor walking around factory. MS second year machining apprentice in the process of setting up a component for machining for production of a car floor panel. VS of third year apprentice working on another machine component. VS final year apprentice seated at drafting board being instructed in the drafting of a dye used for the production of an engine oil pan. VS of fourth year apprentice with instructor learning methods required for mass production of radiator grills. MS of apprentice counsellor sitting across desk from apprentice and writing a report. Zoom to MS of apprentice scribbling over drawing he was working on of car body.
Access No. 146845 | 1 min 49 secs | 1960s | Geelong, Vic, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
WS of young man surfing in the early morning then leaving beach with long board under his arm. Zoom out from CU to WS of two young couples offloading surfboards from roof racks on car then walking down to beach. CUs of surfer watching them. VS around city night life. VS night lights and young people on streets and gathered around cars. Good shots inside cafe
Access No. 146846 | 1 min 46 secs | 1960s | Geelong, Vic, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
GS supervisor taking apprentice to profile miller in automobile manufacturers factory and VS of instructor showing him how to operate the switches. CUs of tracer being inched into position and of apprentice and VS pushing buttons and VS of control board. VS tracer cutting and CUs of various processes. MS apprentice outside factory smiling as red sports car drives past.
Access No. 146847 | 2 mins 26 secs | 1960s | Geelong, Vic, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
Zoom out from pop band The Five Knights playing with city backdrop to high angle WS of them on stage with young people on dance floor below them. VS people dancing and VS of pair of young men watching from sidelines then approaching young woman to dance. High angle shot of couple dancing. WS couple in tennis whites carrying squash racquets through Geelong city centre to squash centre. VS couple playing game of squash shot from various angles. Track of couple walking through used car sale yard. VS car being driven down busy main street at night.
Access No. 146848 | 2 mins 33 secs | 1960s | Geelong, Vic, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
MS man standing in building doorway and High angel zoom out from WS of sea at end of wide busy main street in Geelong to view of main shopping area down street. GS of apprentice leaving parked car and zoom in to man entering Technical College building. VS apprentice looking quizzical in technical class and GS of instructor at blackboard with diagrams and mathematical equations on it. MS instructor helping apprentice at desk and GS group of apprentices gathered around machine part. MS of various apprentices. MS apprentice studying from books at desk. VS apprentice at drafting board. CUs of drawings. GS car door being opened and zoom in to steering column.
Access No. 146849 | 2 mins 17 secs | 1960s | Geelong, Vic, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
VS apprentice in white jacket working in quality control with VS of steel being tested. CUs of machinery and electronic displays. CUs of apprentice looking at drawings of proposed new cars in design centre. VS of full size prototype car being modelled out of clay. VS polyester gel coating being applied to model part and CUs of apprentice moulding foil onto front of model car.
Access No. 146850 | 2 mins 55 secs | 1960s | Geelong, Vic, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
MS young man strolling along coast. MS track of young man driving in car POV from passenger then from back seat. Various outback scenes with GS Aboriginal drover, wide river and high angle view over gorge. Aerial track over snow covered mountains and GS of dam overflow in Snowy Mountains Electricity Scheme. WS of giant mining scoop at work and VS other mining and steel work activities. Track through industrial workshop and GS bulldozer shifting soil. High angle pan across container ship to ore being loaded by conveyor belt.
Access No. 146851 | 1 min 44 secs | 1960s | Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
Dogman riding bucket suspended from crane on building site and VS scaffolding. Good high angle view past crane to city street with Rural Bank of New South Wales building in foreground. GS convoy of cars over dirt road entering car racing course. Zoom in to young man's face. VS of apprentice working in different roles in car plant seen previously in programme. GS car racing. Motorbike racing with cars. GS vintage racing car. Zoom out to MS of young couple. GS drag racing.
Access No. 146852 | 1 min 50 secs | 1960s | Australia | © NFSA | Colour |