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Queensland Centenary 1859 - 1959

One hundred years of Queensland development.
Year : 1959 | Total Duration : 21 Minutes | Producer : Eric Thompson
Director : Malcolm Otton |
Ocean and waves washing onto rocks, B/W portrait of Sir George Ferguson Bowen the first Governor of Queensland. Aerial Brisbane Botanical Gardens, laden wagons pulled by horses, donkeys, bullocks & camels, view across tablelands, bushy gorge, native rock paintings, painted Aboriginal dancers in corroboree, stills of various pioneers, paper clipping re opening Parliament House Queensland, still Parliament House Brisbane (1867)
Access No. 39805 | 3 mins 9 secs | 1920s | Qld, Australia | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | B&W |
Prospectors panning for gold, mule team pulling loaded dray. Trams and horse drawn buggies on streets of Brisbane and crossing Victoria Bridge
Access No. 39806 | 1 min 29 secs | 1910s | Brisbane, Qld, Australia | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | B&W |
Brisbane street busy with traffic, trams and pedestrians crossing intersection. Customs House, old Government Stores, Newstead House.
Access No. 39807 | 33 secs | 1920s | © Al Burne | B&W |
Still of Brisbane city with large building, crowds of people, trams
Access No. 39808 | 2 secs | 1910s | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | B&W |
Guns firing from warship, new recruits marching, some in civilian clothes, other in uniform, soldiers in trenches, CU of feeding shells in ack ack guns, anti aircraft guns soldiers in long coats running with rifles, loading mortar shells (1914)
Access No. 39809 | 19 secs | 1910s | Gallipoli, Turkey | © Australian War Memorial | B&W |
Governor departs Government House, Sir John Hamilton Gould Adams, opening 1916 parliament in Brisbane and laying foundation stone for City Hall, Brisbane Town Hall.
Access No. 39810 | 17 secs | 1910s | Brisbane, Qld, Australia | © Al Burne | B&W |
Crowds celebrating Armistice Day, Australian troops boarding trains on their way home, sign on train carriage Direct to Aussie. Soldiers walking up gang plank, gangway, to ship, Brisbane crowds meeting troops on their arrival home. Steamboat up river. 1918
Access No. 39811 | 21 secs | 1910s | Brisbane, Qld, Australia | © NFSA | B&W |
Traffic flowing onto Victoria Bridge, ladies in long dresses and hats walking in foreground, children in park with cannon, bandstand, adults relaxing in park (1900's)
Access No. 39812 | 21 secs | 1910s | Brisbane, Qld, Australia | © Al Burne | B&W |
Welcome arches in Brisbane for visit of Prince of Wales (later Edward VIII) , girls in white dresses lined up to see Prince of Wales, crowds at Exhibition Grounds, Prince of Wales in open car, crowds, Prince of Wales inspecting troops, waving to crowds and doffs hat (1921)
Access No. 39813 | 55 secs | 1920s | Brisbane, Qld, Australia | © NFSA | B&W |
Steam train towards camera through gorge, looking from train across to Barron Falls, back at goods train laden with cargo, truck laden with supplies crossing small river in country. Truck crossing fast flowing stream, donkey train pulling car through river.
Access No. 39814 | 33 secs | 1920s | Barron Falls, Qld, Australia | © NFSA | B&W |
Aboriginal children learning to write, writing on blackboard.
Access No. 39815 | 18 secs | 1940s | Qld, Australia | © NFSA | B&W |
Felling huge tree with axe for timber, huge tree crashing to ground, bullock train crossing bridge over river carting huge timbers, tractors with studded wheels clearing land, tractors ploughing land. Prickly pear , hand placing cacta blastus beetles on prickly pear infestation, men cutting sugar cane, women gathering pineapples.
Access No. 39816 | 50 secs | 1930s | Qld, Australia | © NFSA | B&W |
People in main street of country town, picnic races at Monto, 1920's ladies fashion, car driving through gorge in tablelands, group walking through rainforest, group at the Great Barrier Reef on fishing trip. Annette Kellarman running across grass, Annette Kellarman on back of turtle with 2 others
Access No. 39817 | 1 min 4 secs | 1920s | Monto, Qld, Australia | © NFSA | B&W |
Ground to air, single bi-plane in flight, crowds at Eagle Farm airstrip run to greet Sir Charles Kingsford Smith , the first man to fly around the world. Parade in the streets of Brisbane. (1928) Amy Johnson arrival after flight from England to Australia, plane landing, crowds jostling to greet, MS of Amy being welcomed, Amy waving to crowd and holding flowers.(1930)
Access No. 39818 | 59 secs | 1920s | Brisbane, Qld, Australia | © Al Burnie | B&W |
Crowds at beach and line of woman in large hats in bathing, swimming costumes sitting on low bench, lifesavers paddling surf boats out through waves, two woman in bathing costumes, swimsuits and overly large hats, then single woman in same
Access No. 39819 | 17 secs | 1920s | Qld, Australia | © Filmworld | B&W |
Scaffolding on building site of Brisbane City Hall.
Access No. 39820 | 15 secs | 1930s | Brisbane, Qld, Australia | © NFSA | B&W |
Group of horseriders crossing creek, men leading horses down steep rocky landscape
Access No. 39821 | 16 secs | 1950s | Qld, Australia | © NFSA | B&W |
VS of bi-plane in flight, main street of Townsville, passengers travelling in open bus with sign North Ward on side, pan over township.
Access No. 39823 | 24 secs | 1920s | Townsville, Qld, Australia | © NFSA | B&W |
Story Bridge, Brisbane under construction, almost meeting at the middle, men working on bridge, CU of commemorative plaque for the opening by Sir Leslie Orme Wilson, Governor of Queensland in 1940. Governor's opening speech, official motorcade is first to cross the bridge. WS of completed bridge.
Access No. 39824 | 34 secs | 1940s | Brisbane, Qld, Australia | © Film World | B&W |
Explosion, WWII army tanks, soldiers loading artillery, desert fighting and jungle fighting, firing mortar, boots in mud, CU of army boots and kit bag as soldiers walk up gangway on their return home, ship arrives and returned soldiers parade through streets of Brisbane.
Access No. 39840 | 28 secs | 1940s | Brisbane, Qld, Australia | © Australian War Memorial | B&W |
WS of cattle grazing and two drovers, stockmen herding them. VS of herds of beef cattle. Stockman chasing calves, cattle in river bed. Sheep in pens, wheat sheaths swaying and WS of harvester, canefields burning, cane cutting, cane train in sugar mill, processes of refining sugar. Main street in Queensland country town, woman holding small child's hand and shopping basket. Three men standing by car talking, all in jackets, ties and hats
Access No. 39841 | 2 mins 23 secs | 1950s | Qld, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
Truck along road, loading exports onto cargo ships, wharf labourer directing crane, large construction of scaffolding, builder drilling hole, welder wearing protective mask, pan of suburban Brisbane, hospital building, WS of high school building with gymnastic or physical education classes being held in playground. WS university campus, chemistry and arts buildings, university quadrangle or cloisters, tilt down clock tower of City Hall to WS.
Access No. 132041 | 58 secs | 1950s | Brisbane, Qld, Australia | © NFSA | B&W |
Group of woman at outdoor coffee shop, cafe in busy Brisbane street, people walking around shopping mall, mother offering ice cream on a wooden spoon to baby in pram. Brisbane airport, plane on tarmac being refuelled, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh being greeted by officials on arrival at airport. Enthusiastic crowds waving and cheering Queen, royal motorcade through the streets lined with people
Access No. 132042 | 39 secs | 1950s | Brisbane, Qld, Australia | © NFSA | B&W |
Trans Australian Airways plane, TAA, takes off, aerials over barren, mountainous landscape (mining). WS of Mount Morgan, open cut mining activities, silver & tin, earth moving equipment, sluicing machinery, conveyor belt, miners, molten metal pouring from vat. Aerials over uranium mining township of Mary Kathleen. Mining plant and miner with Geiger Counter at cliff face. Ground to air of helicopter flying in to land.
Access No. 132043 | 1 min 31 secs | 1950s | Mount Morgan, Mary Kathleen, Qld, Australia | © NFSA | B&W |
Miners operating drilling machinery, surveyor at work, helicopter takes off, still of Governor Sir George Ferguson Bowen
Access No. 132044 | 25 secs | 1950s | Qld, Australia | © NFSA | B&W |