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Cruickshank Family

A husband and wife talk about their experiences as a poor family living in the country.
Series : Putting a Face to an Issue | Episode : 10 | Year : 1975 | Total Duration : 8 Minutes | Producer : Suzanne Baker
Director : Philip Robertson |
Cruikshank family outside house, mother and father standing outside house, father talking about difficulties finding work, family having breakfast in kitchen, boys climbing over wire fence on way to school, young boy watching father cut tree trunk with chainsaw, mother hanging out washing, toddler in walker, two boys walking along dirt road carrying school bags, parents talking about not always affording to be in medical benefits scheme. Two boys waiting for school bus at side of country road, one boy fiddling with port, mother talking about not affording groceries, boys on school bus, man on horse droving sheep, mother bottlefeeding baby on veranda, bus through town, interview parents about seeking government medical assistance, exterior house at night, family in living room playing board game, father calling from porch for dog which doesn't come, closing door, lights go out.
Access No. 136359 | 7 mins 36 secs | 1970s | Wellington, NSW, Australia | © NFSA | B&W |