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Golf the Australian Way

Looks at golf in Australia, from course design and equipment manufacture to playing like a pro.
Year : 1973 | Total Duration : 27 Minutes | Producer : Frank Bagnall
Director : Don Murray |
Aerial track over sea and rock platforms to golfers on cliffside La Perouse golf course. CU golfer retrieving ball from hole. Ball hit into hole. Zoom out to WS golf course, golfers reflected in pond. Montage of men and women teeing off at various greens. LS woman teeing off at Barwon Heads Golf Course during Women's Open. VS elderly spectators chatting and WS young woman chipping onto green. Aerial track over red desert sands of Broken Hill and black greens. Men pulling golf buggies over dusty fairway and CU raking black slag to allow putt. MS golfer putting ball over slag. VS men playing golf on a surface of oiled sand in outback country town Cobar. CU man putting ball past hole. ECUs of deep cracks on fairways. VS golfers hitting balls and sharing green at the Anglesea golf course, SA with kangaroos. GS golfer teeing off past oblivious kangaroos. WS kangaroos, one bounding towards camera.
Access No. 138990 | 3 mins 11 secs | 1970s | NSW, SA, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
Aerials over La Perouse golf course, track over concrete bridge linking fairway to Bare Island. Track over Lakes golf course and bird sanctuary, LS flock of birds. CUs designer unrolling golf course plans. VS and interview with golf course architect Merv Barnes. Aerials coastal developments. Aerial tracks over Barnes designed Ocean Shores golf course, Brunswick Heads. VS earthmoving equipment at work. Pan from clubhouse to WS fairways. Zoom into Barnes at draughting board, CUs plans, Barnes freehand sketching sand bunker. Pan across bushland to golfer hitting from sand bunker. Golfers near lakes, GS to nearby housing project. MS golf club designer Jack Needham working at desk. CUs using protractor, drawing and talking. CUs clubheads being turned in lathe, Needham's designs and french curve. CU man holding metal piece to club during manufacturing process. VS club manufacturing, construction, VS intense manual workmanship and testing processes.
Access No. 139095 | 5 mins 38 secs | 1970s | Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
Golf ball manuacfuring with VS female factory worker managing multiple spools of plasticised string, rows of women seated at machines winding balls. CU ball spheres on dry ice, CU sphere in worker's hand and at lacing machine being covered in tape. CUs machine applying dimples, CUs assembly line of sprayed balls, through stamp machine, ECU balls being compression tested. VS professional golfer Bill McWilliam with students on fairway. VS McWilliam giving lesson to young students who practising swings and helping young boy with his swing. Video recording teenage student whilst instructing then reviewing lesson with students from the video replay. Crowds gathering on lawns at Crown Tournament in Japan with VS of Australian champion Peter Thomson and US Sam Sneed competing. VS spectators watching and applauding play. VS Thompson accepting congratulations on winning.
Access No. 139101 | 4 mins 59 secs | 1970s | Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
Aerials over Yarra Yarra Golf Club, Melbourne. VS world flags, international contestant board etc for 20th World Cup (formerly Canadian Cup). VS of champions teeing off, playing shots from sand pits, eventual winner throwing arms in air. MS Paul Firmstone amidst gallery. Firmstone replacing handle on golf club in golf repairshop. VS polishing club on machine. Zoom out to Firmstone teeing off watched and being advised by Australian Professional Bill Holder. Good WS sunrise with gold ball sun in red sky. Zoom out and pan across trees and sunrise reflected in lake. VS Firmstone walking across golf course with buggy in sunrise light, teeing off in misty light. VS Firmstone practising his swing, pile of golf balls at feet. Slow-motion shots of various professional golfers in action including Paul Firmstone, Bruce Crampton and Kel Nagle. CUs Garry Player's face hitting ball in slow-motion.
Access No. 139106 | 4 mins 57 secs | 1970s | Melbourne, Vic, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
CU 9 flag at Dunlop International at Yarra Yarra Golf Club. VS Professionals: Bruce Devlin walking to tee at 9th hole watched by caddies, spectators, cameras. VS other players playing same section. MS David Graham selecting club and driving ball. VS spectators, other competitors playing 9th hole. CU Paul Firmstone's grip on club then driving ball, CUs as he walks fairway. VS Devlin playing shot. GS Firmstone lining golf ball up near hole, checking green, looking frustration as he misses hole several times. Includes voice-overs from featured golfer on playing. MS red pennant of 18th and final hole at the Dunlop International, Yarra Yarra Golf Club. Ws of audience and GS international flags. VS players including Tony Jacklin of UK, Sukree Onchum of Thailand and David Graham of Australia. GS names board, VS competition leaders lining up shots and playing them. MS Onchum's goose-neck putter.
Access No. 139339 | 6 mins 47 secs | 1970s | Melbourne, Vic, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
Professional golfer David Graham playing final hole at the Dunlop International at Yarra Yarra Golf Club. Cut to amateur golfers sinking ball into hole at La Perouse headland golf course. Aerial track as golfers walk from hole towards their buggies with circling shots over them and the sea.
Access No. 139342 | 59 secs | 1970s | Melbourne, Vic, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |