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Double Trouble

Two Aussie blokes discover that it's not easy being a foreigner in a strange land.
Series : Australia Presents | Year : 1951 | Total Duration : 10 Minutes | Producer : Geoffrey Bell
Director : Lee Robinson |
A light-hearted look at the difficulties experienced by non-English speaking migrants in Australia. Two Australian men, Bob and Stan, throw cigarette packet onto street as they walk through city and two foreign men hesitantly cross road and enter pub for directions. Barmaid rudely rebuffs them. Bob and Stan leave pub and are magically transported to the streets of a foreign country, where their inability to communicate gets them into a tight spots and a role reversal of opening scene. The men use a wind-up phone accidently calling out a fire brigade. Back in familiar land they help the two foreigners to find a phone booth. The central message in this film is that Australia needs migrants so Australians should make them feel welcome and offer assistance, not complaints. Quicktime clip available.
Access No. 149611 | 9 mins 30 secs | 1950s | Australia | © NFSA | B&W |