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Case for Books

Highlights the many different types of Australian libraries and the services they offer to readers and clients.
Year : 1966 | Total Duration : 22.5 Minutes | Producer : Malcolm Otton
Director : Henry Lewes, Rhonda Small |
Cinematographer filming fashionmodel on a catwalk inside a BIG W department store. Cinematographer George Alexander and Director Rhonda Small with fashion models inside a BIG W department store. Fashion model on catwalk in a BIG W department store. Fashion model posing on catwalk in department store. Fashion model posing on catwalk inside department store.
Man seated behind desk in a library. Man wearing a top hat with a woman wearing a large hat with a fur stole at horse racing event. Man wearing a top hat with a woman wearing a large hat with a fur stole at horse racing event. Nurse delivering a book to a patient. People involved in book printing and binding.
Reference books in a library.
Man along street, entering public library, selecting book on horse racing. VS trackside at race meeting, good fashion shots, man in top hat with binoculars. GS horse race. Woman in back of Rolls Royce car lighting cigar for man in top. Young woman in suit and tie looking at fashion books on display stand. VS fashion parade with woman modelling fur stole. Small boy at library desk reading book. Fire engine, small boy sitting next to driver. Woman reading to children in library, young girl borrowing book. Mobile library van, woman delivering books to home of elderly man, man's butterfly collection. Library books being delivered by trolley to hospital patients, foreign magazines. Women and children visiting mobile regional library truck, WS Snowy Mountains view, truck leaving Cooma. Victorian mobile library truck arriving at rural school, children run to greet it, children inside at bookshelves and borrowing books.
Access No. 44042 | 8 mins 7 secs | 1960s | Australia | B&W |
Schoolgirls entering school library, using library catalogue. VS Fisher Library, Sydney University and study area, audio area. CUs woman playing piano, music lesson at Conservatorium of Music, scores in music library. CSIRO library, Division of Food Preservation experiment with eggs. Book being photocopied in library for research purposes. Man being handed document in State Library of NSW, exterior shot (Mitchell Library). VS dam, electricity generator, oil drilling, harvesting. Parliamentary library, GW Tuite at desk, work room in National Library of Australia. VS catalogue drawers, punched tapes, typewriters; teleprinter, book stacks. VS old maps in map library, rare books, CU Cook's original journal. CUs Asian books. Indigenous photographs, picture library, audio library with reel-to-reel book reading. VS publishing Flinders journal reproduction at Public Library of South Australia, book binding. VS old prints, archival film. Borrower leaving public library.
Access No. 148643 | 14 mins 15 secs | 1960s | Australia | B&W |