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Ready for Change

This program was made to explain the new Public Service Office restructuring moves.
Year : 1988 | Total Duration : 22 Minutes | Producer : Matt Scully
Director : Matt Scully |
VS office workers gathered together expressing concern about changes to their jobs. Various scenes with office workers re-enacting childhood experiences and other past experiences involving hardship which lead to positive experiences. Footage from historical and technological events. Various discussion on clerical administration and changes under the Public Service Act. VS office equipment such as typewriters, telephones. WS Australian Bureau of Statistics building, VS internal work procedures and processes made to streamline the processes. Department of Defence building and internal office scenes. Interviews with participants in change. VS typists undergoing keyboard, office and on the job training. VS seminar. VS contrasting management styles. Interview with unionists about a union's role in change situations.
Access No. 148109 | 22 mins 22 secs | 1980s | Australia | © NFSA - Restricted Access | Colour |