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This short introductory tour of Australia, produced for the Australian Tourist Commission, shows a kaleidoscope of contrasting cities, people, activities and pastimes.
Year : 1976 | Total Duration : 16 Minutes | Producer : Peter Johnson, Richard Mason
Director : Arch Nicholson |
Aerials over a variety of Australian landscapes including coral reefs, vast desert plains, outback train line, outback gorges and over a capital city. WS of jet aeroplane landing in foggy light on airport tarmac and GS of it swiveling on tarmac. Quick pan from Sydney Harbour Bridge to jetcat Curl Curl past Kirribilli in Sydney Harbour. Graphic for Sydney, Australia.
Access No. 138095 | 43 secs | 1970s | Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
Low angle tilt down Australia Square to pedestrians at ground level. WS of busy pedestrian traffic , red street lights and red flower stall in Martin Plaza. VS people. Quick shots of sign on Chevron Hotel Sydney and neon sign for Top of the Cross Restaurant. GS man buying flowers in florist and VS people including pregnant woman walking city streets at night. WS El Alamein Fountain in Kings Cross lit up at night.
Access No. 138096 | 26 secs | 1970s | Sydney, NSW, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
MS Aboriginal painting and artefacts and VS people browsing in shop. MS man glass making. VS cable car descending into valley. WS of Three Sisters with wilderness in background in the Blue Mountains. Zoom out for more panoramic view. Zoom out from waterfall to people in overhead sky cabins. Low angle shot of the sky cabins with zoom in. VS sign for Butterfly Farm and CU to butterfly on pink flower. GS children taking photograph.
Access No. 138097 | 31 secs | 1970s | Sydney, NSW, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
Zoom in to sign for Australiana Village. GS people riding in horse-drawn cart and VS man leading cattle through recreated early Australian village. Shootout re-enactment with soldiers being shot and crowd looking on cheering and clapping. High angle WS and zoom out over cars travelling along freeway in Perth. Super with map of Perth, WA. WS bridge over Swan River and zoom out to LS bridge past high-rise buildings and houses.
Access No. 138098 | 42 secs | 1970s | Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
VS high-rise buildings and tilt down from high-rise to town area and VS around Perth city. MS clock in clock tower. VS people walking through outdoor shopping plaza. Zoom to arch in brick tower with traffic travelling uphill. GS man feeding pigeons by edge of stream and high-angle zoom down to hotel guests sitting at outdoor tables in towelling robes.
Access No. 138099 | 1 min 12 secs | 1970s | Perth, WA, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
High-angle zoom out from water in gorge in the North West of Western Australia. WS kangaroos bounding across white sand. WS heavy earth-moving equipment contrasted with normal size utes along dirt roads in mine. VS tip truck carrying grey mineral reversing and GS scoop. WS pan across landscape to mining town and highway. GS bus pulling into town in Darwin. Super for Darwin, NT.
Access No. 138100 | 41 secs | 1970s | Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
VS people around Darwin on the streets, in pub and drinking from bottle of beer. Aerial over river and WS of 4WD along dirt road and through stream on road towards camera. MS cattle drenching, MS breaking in horse and GS plough. CU hairy white caterpillar along ground and CU line of darker caterpillars end to end along ground. Super for Safari Tour, NT. VS group in 4WD and walking through long grass to large termite mound. MS person taking photograph.
Access No. 138101 | 43 secs | 1970s | NT, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
Quick pan past outback vegetation and 4WD tour vehicle following brumbies. WS water buffaloes running across wetlands and track past vegetation again. GS galahs perched at edge of muddy water hole and GS crocodile walking through grass and a pair eating in water. GS ibis on branch and VS Aboriginal people playing instruments and dancer on grasslands. Zoom in to dancer's heavily decorated face. VS line of Aboriginal men dancing.
Access No. 138102 | 42 secs | 1970s | NT, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
WS Aboriginal children running along sandy banks of river and MS playing in water. GS Aboriginal stockman on horseback. Super for Alice Springs, NT. VS cattle mustering and rodeo. VS of stockmen, Aboriginal children, dogs and children, both Aboriginal and white walking along in street parade dressed as American Indians. GS float and MS man in paper mache head. CU girl lifting skirt to reveal writing 'Get With the Strength' on underwear.
Access No. 138103 | 36 secs | 1970s | Alice Springs, NT, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
WS people getting off tour bus carrying their luggage towards motel. GS people relaxing poolside. VS paintings on display boards. Zoom out to boards lined up in outdoor exhibition. Super for Adelaide, SA. Pan to people walking along street and WS of traffic travelling towards camera. High angle pan down major road and traffic. VS markets with people buying foodstuffs. WS people around fountain in park and VS people lunching in park.
Access No. 138104 | 32 secs | 1970s | Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
Zoom out from GS of tall office building to boathouse in park and people rowing on river. GS local cricket game and WS people practicing archery in park. Pan from people on peddle boat down river in park to civic centre. WS plush bar interior. Super for Barossa Valley, SA and WS of grand stone building. WS vineyards and VS grape pickers. VS grapes being processed and CU of three glasses of champagne. CU bottle of champagne. VS revellers inside pub.
Access No. 138105 | 1 min | 1970s | Adelaide, SA, Australia | © NFSA Restricted | Colour |
High angle travelling shot over giant maypole and dancers then tilt up maypole and ribbons. GS girls dancing with ribbons with onlookers behind. CU roulette wheel spinning and MS gambler's faces with super for Hobart, Tasmania. VS female croupier dealing chips. Tilt down from 1960s style metal light fitting on ceiling to hotel dining room and buffet. VS people dining and pan of harbour to Wrest Point Casino on headland.
Access No. 138106 | 35 secs | 1970s | Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
WS Bridge over Derwent River and WS Customs House with boats moored in foreground. GS people around docks. WS tourist bus through Hobart street with WS towards city area. High angle pan across Devil's Arch with super for Port Arthur, Tasmania. WS historic buildings including The Guard Tower of The Battery at Port Arthur. Pan and zoom out to WS of the Penitentiary and WS of the Church. WS of grounds with zoom to the Penitentiary and closer track at the rear of Penitentiary. Pan across interior of Church remains.
Access No. 138107 | 38 secs | 1970s | Tas, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
MS tilt down exterior of historic Collins Street Post Office. VS of details of historic Hobart sites such as bird sculpture on fountain; parliamentary royal coat of arms, and high-rise building seen through arch. Various tilts of high-rise buildings and super for Melbourne, Victoria. WS tram down street and VS trams, cars and pedestrians around city streets. GS sculptures outside National Gallery of Victoria.
Access No. 138108 | 29 secs | 1970s | Tas, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
Zoom to woman sitting on park bench and WS children in park. GS child swinging on tree and GS family walking along path. CUs duck in pond, child's face and head of swan with red bill and eyes looking at camera. WS two emus walking amidst family and CU to echidna walking. MS woman in cat's eye glasses looking at cockatoo behind wire. GS pelican on water and GS two small children looking over rail of foot bridge.
Access No. 138109 | 25 secs | 1970s | Tasmania, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
WS curved entrance to National Gallery of Victoria (?). GS bride emerging from car. High angle WS over Melbourne city buildings. Super for Murray River over WS of vertical water feature. High shot over town and zoom out from modern building and WS of large Travel Lodge Hotel. WS women walking past red flowers in park and WS of people relaxing at lake. GS men in boat with outboard motor and large inner tube on lake past camera.
Access No. 138110 | 27 secs | 1970s | Vic, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
WS waterskier taking off from edge of lake POV boat and WS waterskier behind boat. Travelling shot past Hume reservoir(?) POV speedboat. WS Murray River paddle boat seen through long pale grass and WS down river. MS man setting boy onto horseback and WS horse-drawn carriage with tourists down historic street. VS clydesdale horse on treadmill. VS tourists looking at local attractions and VS blacksmith fanning furnace.
Access No. 138111 | 44 secs | 1970s | Vic, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
CU shearer demonstrating sheep shearing and MS children watching. Zoom out from jet spray against clouds in blue sky to WS of Captain Cook Memorial Water Jet, Canberra. WS fountain with view to Old Parliament and travelling shot past Old Parliament House with super for Canberra, Federal Capital. VS traffic on city freeway. VS people and families around Canberra Civic area. WS mock historic embassy building (probably American Embassy). Track past another embassy buildings around Yarralumla.
Access No. 138112 | 42 secs | 1970s | Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
WS tracks past the Australian Academy of Science dome, National Library and fountains and past jets in air from Captain Cook Memorial Water Jet. Various quick WS around Canberra bridges and over Anzac Parade, Lake Burley Griffin, Australian War Memorial and Old Parliament House. High Angle zoom in to city area and surrounds with super for Townsville, Qld. Zoom out to people walking along main street and VS of people and around city.
Access No. 138113 | 37 secs | 1970s | Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
VS around Townsville and past Travel Lodge hotel. High angle shot of people dining in restaurant and zoom out from woman in bikini to hotel swimming pool. VS water polo in public swimming pool. VS boats and catamarans in harbour. Zoom to tourist boat and wharf. WS couple on beach with super for Barrier Reef Islands, Qld. Zoom out to rocky outcrop. CU pair of brolgas. CU koala on branch scratching itself with GS sign for Koala Park. MS tourists patting koala.
Access No. 138114 | 36 secs | 1970s | Qld, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
GS mini Moke cars arriving to Magnetic Island marine tourist park. VS tourists observing coral life through glass barrier and VS corals, fish and black-tipped reef shark with sucker-fish attached swimming past glass. High angle GS over fishing boats departing wharf and VS of fishing gear and marlin game fishing. VS fisherman battling with marlin. GS surfboard and VS surfer catching wave. Super for Gold Coast, Qld.
Access No. 138115 | 1 min 15 secs | 1970s | Qld, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
VS Gold Coast surfers on waves and track of water-skier on single waterski. GS bare-footed waterskier behind speedboat. GS people catching small waves inshore and CU woman's bottom in bikini. VS people on beach. Zoom out from Surf Air International sign. CU person feeding pair of lorikeets from bowl at Currumbin and VS tourists feeding and watching lorikeets. MS lorikeet on woman's head.
Access No. 138116 | 59 secs | 1970s | Qld, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
Aerial track over Sydney Opera House with various views of sails. WS Opera House.
Access No. 138117 | 37 secs | 1970s | Qld, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |