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Mount Hagen Show, The

In Papua New Guinea in 1963, various regional groups come together to celebrate their cultural heritage at one of the first Mount Hagen Shows.
Year : 1965 | Total Duration : 21.5 Minutes |
Director : Boris Cook |
Papua New Guinea highlands, calls from villagers. native villagers in family groups and large groups, sing-sing in traditional full costume and body paint. Men dancing and playing drums, CUs of ornate feather headdresses, breast plates. Crowds, local police watching as crowds gather. Cars arriving and planes flying over festive crowds, natives wearing face masks. Non indigenous arrivals at airport, crowds of Papua New Guinean natives running alongside open-top car carrying Australia's Governor General Lord De L'Isle. Crowds of natives, Union Jack flags. Show opening speech, marching bands, showjumping, archery and spear throwing. Papuans riding bicycles, De L'Isle amongst natives, natives listening to western music record playing. CUs Papuans faces, riding dodgem cars, native and non-indigenous people mixing in crowds; pidgin English voice-overs. De L'Isle waving, Catherine Sidney, wife of De L'Isle, taking photographs.
Access No. 41357 | 21 mins 15 secs | 1960s | Papua New Guinea | © Unclear | Colour |