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Selection Interview, A

A training film made to help in the interview process.
Year : 1970 | Total Duration : 17 Minutes | Producer : Joe Scully
Director : Cecil Holmes |
Man, applicant for job, walking through Hyde Park, crosses streets and into building. Receptionist at typewriter. Three men enter office and discuss applicants. Applicant in lift, arrives in office, receptionist answers telephone. Men in office talking, receptionist asks them to change rooms. They move to other office and shift furniture, resume discussion. Telephone call. CUs on clock. Receptionist escorts applicant to interview.
Access No. 124671 | 4 mins 59 secs | 1970s | Sydney, NSW, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
Applicant for job welcomed to interview by three men on selection panel, invited to smoke, refuses. Applicant asked questions about education, personal background, reasons for applying for job, achievements and knowledge of company. Asked some theoretical questions.
Access No. 124746 | 6 mins 44 secs | 1970s | Sydney, NSW, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
CU mouth talking. CU eyes of applicant for job. One of three interviewers on selection panel, lights himself cigarette. Applicant asked about personal interests. One interviewer asks more aggressively. Interview finished. Applicant talks to receptionist. Selection panel discuss applicant.
Access No. 124747 | 5 mins 22 secs | 1970s | Sydney, NSW, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |