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Conversion to Canberras

Surveys the RAAF conversion course at Amberley in Queensland to train officers to fly Canberra jet bombers
Year : 1960 | Total Duration : 15 Minutes | Producer : R. J. Edwards
Director : Jack Rogers |
Exterior Royal Australian Air Force Base at Amberley. WS Canberra bomber flying towards camera, air-to-air three bombers flying formation over mountainous countryside. CUs various sectional signs. Pilots with high altitude gear, oxygen masks being tested. Pilot taking out study material in library. VS pilots looking over Canberra bomber, attending lectures, being instructed with Rolls Royce Avon engine, CU main bearing. Instruction at Martin-Baker Mark OneC ejection seat, VS pilots. Simulation tests in compression chamber, pilots giving thumbs-up signal. Exterior base quarters, pilot relaxing in room. Bombs being loaded onto bomber, pilot and navigator checking plane, VS cockpit, instruments. Control check on ground. Bomber taking off POV front of plane and WS. Navigator, air-to-air shots, bomb falling and exploding. Bomber landing, signalman on tarmac.
Access No. 148653 | 14 mins 29 secs | 1960s | Amberley, Qld, Australia | © NFSA | B&W |