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Sydney's Harbour Bridge

Documents the construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
Year : 1933 | Total Duration : 8 Minutes |
Director : Lyn T Maplestone |
Titles over aerial pan over Circular Quay and the Rocks. Aerial views over city buildings with various buildings and streets visible. GS ferries at wharves in Circular Quay shot from ferry approaching wharves. High angle shot over crowds of commuters boarding and leaving trams at Circular Quay. VS ferry passengers and commuters running for departing ferry "Sydney". High angle shot of ferry pulling into harbour wharf. High angle pan across ferries coming and going in industrialised Sydney Harbour. WS stonemason chiselling large block of granite in quarry at Moruya. WS several workers with granite blocks at quarry. MS man using overhead electric chisel on granite block. High angle top shot over granite blocks sitting in boat.
Access No. 142089 | 1 min 52 secs | 1930s | Sydney; Moruya, NSW, Australia | © NFSA | B&W |
VS bridge and pylon construction for the Sydney Harbour Bridge. WS men fitting granite block into hole. Track following giant scoop emptying broken granite into machine and carrying crushed stone on conveyor belts. VS men pouring concrete over steel formwork. GS girders being placed in position and Creeper Cranes, staging and WS tilt following girder being lifted to top of bridge by crane. Tilt to LS man walking along top steel girder with crane in action. VS Milson's Point Fabrication Shop with GS of men at Heavy Plate Shear and huge Planing Machine. GS men working near one of four main bearings. Tilt from Creeper Cranes on Abutment Tower with steel ramp. GS steel girder being lifted and men directing girder into position. MS men driving rivets into girders with hand-held machinery.
Access No. 142090 | 2 mins 12 secs | 1930s | Sydney, NSW, Australia | © NFSA | B&W |
WS Sydney Harbour Bridge half constructed with north and south pylons, approaches and arch girders partially in place and creeper cranes at work. LS ferries passing below and factories on shores. WS both sides of arches with cranes rising behind waterfront apartments. Track from boat on Sydney Harbour past headland towards half finished bridge. Various close tilts up to girders and cables of bridge arch. WS steam ferry on water with bridge in background. CUs arches under construction and VS bridge workers without safety harnesses. Full shot at angle of cranes on bridge as the arch is completed. Tilt to joining of the last plate at the top of the arch. MS Dr Bradfield and Mr Ennis inspecting the join. WS of bridge with ferry passing below.
Access No. 142091 | 1 min 28 secs | 1930s | Sydney, NSW, Australia | © NFSA | B&W |
WS Sydney Harbour Bridge with half built roadway suspended. Ferries and ships in foreground shot from Circular Quay. WS construction workers building roadway approaches to bridge. WS bridge taken from carriageway. WS finished bridge on March 19, 1932 with boats and ships on harbour celebrating opening of Sydney Harbour Bridge. GS huge P&O mail steam ship "Maloja" leading yachts on harbour. Air to air shot of aeroplanes formation flying over the bridge. WS from roadway as cars pass camera towards bridge. Train towards and past camera. WS Sydney Harbour with LS to bridge seen from balcony with young boy standing at rail. WS across leafy harbour suburbs with bridge in distance. WS steam ocean liner sailing past bridge. Tilt up to underside and arches. WS liner under bridge. WS sparkling water.
Access No. 142092 | 2 mins 23 secs | 1930s | Sydney, NSW, Australia | © NFSA | B&W |