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Half and Half

Designed to encourage discussion of the transition from school to work.
Series : School's Out | Episode : 1 | Year : 1980 | Total Duration : 30 Minutes | Producer : Robin Hughes, Tim Read
Director : Susan Varga, Megan McMurchy, Dasha Ross |
Group of young men and women in discussion in classroom. Interviews with young men of Turkish, Eyptian/Cyprian, Jamaican/Lebanese origins about their feelings for Australia, ethnic backgrounds and how their families fit into Australian society. Lebanese youth expressing racist views towards his origins and young Greek man talking about racist attitudes of others to his ethnicity. WS Dulwich Hill Community Centre, interviews with young men about the prejudice they feel. VS local shops of Greek and other ethnicities. GS multicultural high school playground. Interviews with young men about their choices in staying at school or leaving early and employment options. Young men and women discussing the pressures of the family expectations they experience. Young men and women re-enacting familiar domestic scenes in school play. VS employment situations. Interview with school principal.
Access No. 148115 | 31 mins 11 secs | 1980s | Australia | © NFSA | B&W |