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HNL 1111: French Mission Led by General Pau Visiting Australia

A French Mission led by General Pau visits Australia in 1918 as a result of an invitation from the High Commissioner in London, Mr Fisher.
Year : 1918 |
Crowd outside Federal Parliament House Melbourne, General Pau & officials coming through crowd, getting into open car, Pau shakes hands with some of crowd. General stands talking with group of people. Pau alights from car, greet & salute official party, walk through crowds. Crowd at the races, Pau seated in grandstand. Horses and jockeys. Pau & party walk along path to military Hospital. Talking to patient in mobile bed with large wheels shaking his hand, nurse. General Pau alights from car, officials party stands in group to meet him, chats to army officers & other, led into military stables, looking into various stables, inspects horses on parade, Australian Light Horse. Tables laid with white tablecloth outdoors. General Pau with party, shaking hands with women and chatting to others. All seated for tea. General and others posed for formal photograph. Horse race finishing.
Access No. 42059 | 9 mins 39 secs | 1910s | Melbourne, Vic, Australia | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | B&W |