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Kokoda Front Line

The Academy Award winning film that told the world the immortal story of the Kokoda front line.
Year : 1941 | Total Duration : 10 Minutes |
MS Damien Parer addresses camera re Japanese fighting methods & homefront unreality, Aerial Owen Stanley Ranges, Natives looking to the sky, US plane drops supplies to village (Biscuit Bomber), Natives pointing to plane, LS plane just skims hill, VS Australian soldiers opening packages, HA village where Australians were based (Eor?) men cooking their rations, VS cleaning their rifles, VS AIF troops from the Middle East arrive to re-enforce the militia, walking down muddy jungle path, MS Damien Parer with camera up a tree, VS soldiers walk in single file, Australians camouflaged in trees - Sound (1939 1945). WWII
Access No. 43018 | 4 mins 58 secs | 1940s | New Guinea | © Cinesound | B&W |
Australian soldiers fire mortar & machine guns , AIF, explode hut in village VS militia troops walking in single file out of the front line, looking battle weary, Walking into village headquarters and stand at attention as they are addressed by officer, MS militiamen reading letters, VS native stretcher bearers (Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels) carry in wounded soldiers on stretchers, VS dressing station (clearing station) VS faces of native carriers, VS soldiers carried along jungle path, Salvation Army banner on jungle path supplying comforts, (1939 1945). WWII
Access No. 43021 | 2 mins 17 secs | 1940s | New Guinea | © Cinesound | B&W |
Stretchers carried in dry & in pouring rain, MS soldier cleans gun with rain falling in B/G, VS wounded bandaged soldiers sitting at base, soldiers walk up jungle path, MS legs of militiamen as they struggle to walk through thick mud uphill, Damien Parer to camera superimposed over visuals of stretcher bearers in rain. WWII
Access No. 43027 | 1 min 51 secs | 1940s | New Guinea | © Cinesound | B&W |