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Two Wheel Worship

Road safety for motor cyclists, dramatically showing good and bad practice.
Year : 1959 | Total Duration : 11 Minutes | Producer : Brian Chirlian
Director : Ralph Peterson |
Man on motor bike wearing skull and crossbones leather jacket arriving at milk bar, greeting friends. 1950s make-up, clothes and hairstyles. Coca Cola machine, juke box, pinball machine. Girl smoking, dancers on checkered floor, milkshake machine. Couples leaving milkbar on motorcycles, following utility down street. Bikers reflected in side mirror. Group watching professional motorcyclist testing bike on race track, talking to young rider and to group, pointing to faults with bike. Group at Police Safety Bureau track, young rider coming off bike. Film reels on projector, group in theatre watching film on safe bike riding showing street scenes, dirt track racing and obstacle courses. Young rider acting as scrutineer at bike event, start of cross country bike race, group watching.
Access No. 40731 | 10 mins 5 secs | 1950s | Australia | © NFSA | B&W |