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Jack Thompson Out Takes

Australian acting icon Jack Thompson unearths more than a couple of surprisesÑand significant Australian heritageÑbut where does he come from and who does he think he is?
Series : Who Do You Think You Are? | Episode : 1 | Year : 2007 | Total Duration : 52 Minutes | Producer : Brian Beaton (Executive Producer for Artemis International) , Margie Bryant (Executive Producer for Serendipity Productions), Celia Tait (Series Producer)
Director : Catherine Marciniak, Alan Carter (Director of Edit) |
CU of raindrops on water. Good shot of rain forest in the rain. Crows nest plant on tree trunk, running stream, CU on wet leaves. Tangled fig tree trunk. Interior Central Railway Station. Departure sign for Katoomba train. Katoomba station. Rigging and ropes on James Craig tall ship. Good shot looking up the mast with ropes tied in all directions. CU on coiled ropes on deck. Tourist attraction, Sydney Jet boat ride on Sydney Harbour. Monorail. Large catamaran and yellow and green ferry, the Alexander. Pedestrian footbridge across Pyrmont. Clock tower at Central station, intercity trains, maze of tracks, wires and stanchions. Eddy Avenue view of Central.
Access No. 146983 | 22 mins 20 secs | 2000s | Sydney, NSW, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
Driving across Anzac Bridge, Iron Cove Bridge, Concord Road, Arnotts Biscuit advertising sign on bridge across Parramatta Road. James Craig moored at Darling Harbour. Sydney Harbour Bridge. Sydney skyline. Ferry arriving at Circular Quay. Ocean Passenger Terminal. Ferry passes Rivercat with Luna Park in background. CU of apartments at Circular Quay (The Toaster). Two women jogging along the East Circular Quay colonnade. The Finger Wharf. Pyrmont apartment complexes. Sydney Harbour Bridge from west and Sydney Opera House exterior. High-rise buildings in North Sydney. The Rocks waterfront showing wool stores..
Access No. 146984 | 18 mins 40 secs | 2000s | Sydney, NSW, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
Interior Mitchell Library, Hyde Park Barracks, hammocks. Cork city in Ireland, street scenes, spillway, black faced sheep in Tipperary. Good shots of green fields and farmland in Ireland. Misty mountains in Blue Mountains, good shot of Three Sisters tourist attraction, good shot of Jamieson Valley.
Access No. 146985 | 13 mins 6 secs | 2000s | Sydney, NSW, Australia, Cork, Ireland | © NFSA | Colour |