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Keep in the Swim

Compares precision and care in driving to skill in swimming, featuring champion swimmers John and IIsa Konrads.
Year : 1960 | Total Duration : 4 Minutes | Producer : Frank Killian
Swimming race with children on starting blocks. John Konrads racing. Crowd claps as he breaks record and acknowledges crowd poolside. Ilsa Konrads swimming and also breaking record. John and Ilsa smiling to camera. Coach Don Talbot with the Konrads. Traffic officer in middle of busy street directing traffic. Instructor in class lecturing adults on road safety. Road signs and models of streets and cars. Ilsa Konrads swimming. Rear of car demonstrating right and wrong hand signals, and car demonstrating other dangerous driving techniques observe. Stopwatch in man's hand and swimmers racing. Speedometer in car. Man loading beach basket into boot of FJ Holden and driving along road. Speedometer showing 45mph in a 30mph zone and foot slamming on brake pedal followed by windscreen smashing. John and Ilse Konrads swimming towards camera at end of pool.
Access No. 40732 | 2 mins 55 secs | 1960s | Australia | © NFSA | B&W |