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Taronga Park - Native Animals Bred Successfully in Zoo

Taronga Park Zoo, which has a successful breeding record, shows off some its latest additions.
Series : Australian Diary | Episode : 128 | Year : 1965 | Total Duration : 3 Minutes | Producer : R Edwards
Taronga Park Zoo babies. HAS zoo with Harbour Bridge in background. Children looking in cages, rhinoceros and baby, hippopotamus and baby. Woman with baby wombat & glider (flying squirrel) on her back. Hay unloaded from truck for giraffes and babies. Woman (unusual looking) blending food for babies using electric food blender. She feeds orang-utan from baby's bottle. Kangaroos and joeys in pouch. Sir Edward Hallstrom feeding albino wallabies.
Access No. 43477 | 3 mins 12 secs | 1960s | Taronga Park, Sydney, NSW, Australia | © NFSA | B&W |