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Power in the Mountains

The work of the Hydro Electric Commission, Tasmania.
Year : 1957 | Total Duration : 20 Minutes | Producer : Eric Thompson
Director : Malcolm Otton |
Opening title and credits - Tasmania Presents Power in the Mountains. Water scenic with ice capped mountains in BG. Aerial over Central Highlands and waterways. Snow capped mountain with low hanging cloud. VS of countryside and forest. Country homestead with man and children on grass in foreground. Stone bridge with arches. Orchard of apple blossoms. Grazing horse in paddock. Countryside. Water streaming down mountain face. CU of red bottlebrush flower and gum leaves. MS on waterwheel turning. Views of river. VS of the Tasmanian hydroelectric power system, canals, pipes
Access No. 61185 | 4 mins 24 secs | 1950s | Tas, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
WS of electric power station. Engineers operating machinery. Interior shots of turbines. WS transmission towers. Main street Deloraine, WS of the cities of Burnie, Launceston and main street of Hobart. Pedestrians crossing road. Factory workers leaving industrial site, steel works. Production of zinc with men operating machinery. Exteriors of the newsprint mill at Boyer, aluminium plant at Bell Bay and paper mill at Burnie. Machinery and workers at paper mill. Good shot woman takes ice from freezer door in fridge. She prepares drink in blender and serves it to her husband sitting in garden. 1950's kitchen.
Access No. 61217 | 3 mins 10 secs | 1950s | Burnie, Launceston, Hobart, Boyer, Bell Bay, Tas, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
Fashion sketches of female garments. Dressmaker attends to model trying on dress as male designer gives instructions. Model takes dress off and the dressmaker makes adjustments on sewing machine. Textile factory with woman worker screen printing fabric. Female factory workers at textile mill. Female dairy worker collecting milk bottles off conveyor belt. Milk bottles filled automatically. Farmer uses machinery for milking cow. Woman at large sink scrubbing milk vat. Milk cooler drips milk. Vats placed in cooling room.
Access No. 61253 | 1 min 26 secs | 1950s | Tas, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
WS of farm land in Tasmania. Car along county road. Low angle shot of transmission wires. Man picking tomatoes in hot house. Pigs and piglets in round farrowing house which keeps piglets warm. VS of transmission stanchions. Trevallyn power station exterior and interior. Waddamana power station. Interiors, turbines. Lake Echo power station. Butlers Gorge Station on King William Lake. Spillways.
Access No. 61269 | 1 min 55 secs | 1950s | Trevallyn, Waddamana, Lake Echo, Butlers Gorge Tas, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
Pan across lake with snow capped mountains in background. Aerial over lake with brown mountains. Hydrologists in flying fox over river taking research measurements. Looking for dam sites. Draftsmen in office at drawing boards working on plans for Wayatinah Scheme. Explosion in dirt, bulldozer at work, drillers into tunnels, CU on men drilling underground, loading rock into trucks, construction site, workers. Prefabricated materials, cradles for supporting pipelines, welding.
Access No. 61291 | 5 mins 15 secs | 1950s | Lake St Clair; Tas, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
Group of men having smoko , drinking tea, chatting and smoking on construction site. Aerial of country town in Tasmanian highlands. Small boy and girl drinking milk from small milk bottles and cups, painting, mothers with prams standing and talking, travelling salesmen showing women in country town fabric from their cars, public swimming pool near power station.
Access No. 61313 | 38 secs | 1950s | Tas, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
Nurse, health sister with small girl with arm in sling and mother - Bronte Park - weighing new baby on scales, schoolchildren in playground, migrant male workers collecting pay packets, Builders and bricklayers at work. Sailing on Derwent River. Aerial of spillway, dam and catchment
Access No. 127565 | 1 min 42 secs | 1950s | Tas, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |