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Better Pastures Better Beef

Studies the uses of Townsville Style to improve the food value of tropical pastures.
Year : 1970 | Total Duration : 21 Minutes | Producer : David Bairstow
Director : Alan Anderson |
A flock of sheep on a farming property in the Riverina district of south western New South Wales. A group of men are shearing sheep on a property called Wanbanumba which is a grazing property near Young. Bulldozer clearing land. Cinematographer George Alexander filming on a tractor. L-R: George Alexander, Dietmar Fill with David Carrigan from the Queensland Department of Primary Industries.
L-R: Local farmer with cinematographers George Alexander and Dietmar Fill, filming a bulldozer clearing the land.
VS country rodeo with groups watching men riding steers. MS cattlemen at fence talking. WS cattle in pen. WS cattle grazing on native grass under scattered trees. WS cattle in waterhole. VS cattle in dry conditions with no grass in poor condition with ribs protruding. VS cattle struggling to get up and GS lying dead on dirt. GS farmer pulling young cow from waterhole. MS interview with Townsville cattle farmer talking about the previous history of his cattle property. VS around his property and the improvements made including GS of windmill and VS of trees and grazing cattle.
Access No. 147604 | 2 mins 55 secs | 1970s | Qld, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
CU leguminous plant Townsville lucerne, or Townsville stylo, and WS of it covering grazing land. GS of farmer picking handfuls of stylo with CU to it's roots as it's properties and uses are explained in commentary. WS of cattle grazing on fields stylo. GS of cattle on apparently drought stricken land but still able to graze on dried out bits of stylo and stylo seeds. CU to seed on man's hand held up to camera. WS David Carrigan from the Qld Dept of Primary Industries dressed in shorts and long socks addressing camera in front of map about the properties of Townsville stylo and related plants. Zoom in to MS as he talks about specific areas with aid of map.
Access No. 147605 | 3 mins 18 secs | 1970s | Qld, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
VS farmer ringbarking trees in preparation for planting Townsville lucerne, or Townsville stylo. VS of farmer Richard Windsor from Bluewater talking to man from Department of Primary Industries Queensland about his crop. VS of seedlings in field and GS of bulldozer clearing land. VS of raking cleared land with attachment on back of tractor then VS of setting loose tree parts alight. WS of smoke from several fires. GS of Windsor and his young son working land and MS Windsor addressing camera.
Access No. 147606 | 2 mins 36 secs | 1970s | Qld, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
MS farmer addressing camera about his methods for spreading superphosphate over his land. WS airstrip and zoom to WS of crop sprayer in air dropping superphosphate over land below with mountains in background. VS of tractor scooping tons of seed with farmers helping with mix for aerial sowing. VS biplane on airstrip with pilot making signals from cockpit and VS of windsock and plane taking off. GS of plane disseminating the Townsville stylo from air.
Access No. 147607 | 2 mins 1 sec | 1970s | Qld, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
VS farmer chisel ploughing with VS of tractor driving plough with tin dispensing Townsville stylo seed over land. WS of tractor and plough across screen. Track across sown ridges. MS interview with farmer Tom Ryan of Lime Hills talking about the improvement to his cattle farm since adding superphosphate. WS of cattle in pens and tracks of cattle being herded by stockman on horse. VS cattle grazing on Townsville stylo pastures. WS cattle around water tank and windmill. MS bull being injected and GS of cattle passing through dip.
Access No. 147608 | 2 mins 47 secs | 1970s | Qld, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
GS of bullock rolling in mud bath and WS of cattle roaming in paddocks of Townsville stylo. MS interview with farmer Grant Dempsey, Katherine, talking about his successful rotation of Townsville stylo with sorghum with WS pan of vast paddocks of it. WS pan of fields of sorghum. WS harvesters across sorghum field. Tilt to WS of grasses under trees and WS pans of cattle and calves grazing.
Access No. 147609 | 3 mins 38 secs | 1970s | NT, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
Zoom in to CU of farmer Keith Lansdowne, Katherine, talking about past hardships with drought and the much improved situation with using Townsville stylo. WS of cattle grazing under trees in long stylo grasses. GS of bales of hay and MS of Lansdowne explaining the uses of the hay. WS of tractor cutting the stylo crop. WS and VS cattle being herded through lightly forested grasses by stockmen on horseback and CU up ramps. WS cattle trucks along country highway. VS auctioneer at cattle sales.
Access No. 147610 | 2 mins 32 secs | 1970s | NT, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |