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Mamba Plantation - New Guinea's Growing Rubber Industry

Looks at the work of a rubber plantation in Papua New Guinea and the production of latex used in tyre manufacture in Australia.
Series : Australian Diary | Episode : 118 | Year : 1961 | Total Duration : 4 Minutes | Producer : Jack S Allan
Rubber plantation, local man tapping rubber for latex. Home of plantation owner, Herbert Keinsel. Local people receiving medical attention, child given spoon of cod liver oil, mothers and babies, Mrs Keinsel helps with sick child. Carrying latex in buckets, Local people processing latex. Stud trees at government nursery at Bisianumu. Men learn skills of grafting. Prepare latex to despatch to Australia. Tyre manufacture in Australia, car over rough country in Redex trial.
Access No. 43455 | 50 mins 39 secs | 1960s | Mamba Plantation, Kokoda, Bisianumu, Papua New Guinea | © NFSA | B&W |