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Melbourne Southern City

After a short tour of the city, the film concentrates on the sporting facilities of Melbourne, the venue of the 1956 Olympic Games
Year : 1956 | Total Duration : 29 Minutes | Producer : Eric Thompson
WS of Melbourne seen from the Yarra from two different angles. WS bridge over Yarra with two people sitting on river bank. VS cargo boats and other ships and boats in Port Melbourne. Aerial track over Port Melbourne with various wharves and industrial buildings visible. Aerial track over Melbourne city buildings. Tilt down Scots' Church with T&G Building behind it to traffic on corner of Russell and Collins streets. WS of wide city street looking towards city buildings. VS busy pedestrian traffic crossing city streets with trams and traffic. WS busy streets in front of Flinders Street Station.
Access No. 34203 | 2 mins 2 secs | 1950s | Melbourne, Vic, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
WS State Office building filmed from oblique angle and WS of Houses of Parliament seen from street. WS State Library of Victoria exterior and WS of Royal Melbourne Hospital. WS Windsor Hotel (former Grand Hotel) on Spring Street. WS Chevron Hotel and WS Prince of Wales Hotel. WS Shrine of Remembrance. VS styles of domestic architecture around Melbourne and Toorak. WS houses seen from across River Yarra.
Access No. 147187 | 1 min 10 secs | 1950s | Melbourne, Vic, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
High angle WS to city skyline with green belt in foreground. WS people strolling through Melbourne Botanic Gardens and WS children playing around lily pond. GS mother and children feeding black swans in lake. Zoom in to swans with cygnets. VS plant specimens including rhododendrons, hibiscus, red gum blossoms covered in bees and begonias and cyclamen in greenhouse. VS outdoor art exhibition in Botanic Gardens.
Access No. 147188 | 1 min 27 secs | 1950s | Melbourne, Vic, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
WS men playing golf and high angle WS over golf course. WS athletes running on grass tracks and MS to women cheering from stands. VS women doing broad jump and VS women in white outfits measuring results and raking sand pit. WS people diving into swimming pool of Chevron Hotel. WS of people pouring into MCG and crowds at turnstiles. Various high angle shots of Australian Rules (AFL) game and crowds watching. VS of Moomba Festival with soldiers marching down Swanston Street, floats and marching bands down Melbourne city streets watching by crowds. VS multicultural floats and animal characters in march.
Access No. 147189 | 2 mins 6 secs | 1950s | Melbourne, Vic, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
VS crowds outside entrance to Royal Agricultural Show at the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria. High angle WS over visitors walking between stands. High angle shot over the Grand Parade in the Main Ring and VS prize bulls being shown past camera. VS families walking in grounds, some with showbags. GS children on amusement ride. VS woodchop and crowd watching from stands. WS crowds.
Access No. 147190 | 1 min 18 secs | 1950s | Melbourne, Vic, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
WS regatta Henley-on-Yarra and GS of teams rowing up river. High angle shot of racing skiffs passing under camera. WS power boat racing on lake at Albert Park. Tracking shots of boats skipping over water at high speed. GS various sailing boats shot from water at Port Phillip Bay. Track of pair of boats with spinnakers filled. GS sail being taken down. WS Melbourne in pink dusk light taken with River Yarra in foreground.
Access No. 147191 | 1 min 13 secs | 1950s | Melbourne, Vic, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |