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Music Camp

Music students attend an annual three-week summer camp organised by the National Fitness Council at Point Lonsdale in Victoria.
Year : 1949 | Total Duration : 10 Minutes | Producer : Bern Gandy
Director : R. Maslyn Williams |
WS of couple walking along long expanse of beach and GS of older children running across sand to sea. Pan to couple on beach and CUs of them going over musical score on the sand. Tilt up and dune to young woman playing the oboe half way up dune. WS of girl playing violin with view down to others running to water along beach. Tilt up to girl playing violin on top of cliff.
Access No. 138726 | 2 mins | 1940s | Port Lonsdale, VIC, Australia | © NFSA | B&W |
Pan from girl playing violin on ledge overlooking beach to the Point Lonsdale music camp with VS of camp buildings and groups of students arranged on lawns playing their instruments. MS of cellists with tutor playing also then instructing the group on playing a Handel Larghetto. VS of the students playing. GS camp founders John Bishop, elder Professor of Music at Adelaide University, Dr Scholes, Director of Fitness in Victoria and musician and tutor Harry Hutchens and MS as they talk.
Access No. 138870 | 1 min 41 secs | 1940s | Port Lonsdale, VIC, Australia | © NFSA | B&W |
MS two women discussing the music camp meals for the day and items needed. WS group of students playing brass instruments under timber shelter as other students gather firewood nearby. WS students emerging from their cabins and VS orchestral group playing outdoors. MS tutor at front of group directing them and demonstrating vibrato.
Access No. 138871 | 1 min 12 secs | 1940s | Port Lonsdale, VIC, Australia | © NFSA | B&W |
GS two female students at music camp taking clothes off line strung between two trees outside cabin. GS looking through window to clarinet being played and MS of clarinetist playing with CUs to his fingers. GS clarinetist tutor in front of orchestral group with clarinetists watching him from front row then playing. Pan across oboeists, french horn players and clarinetists to bassoon player.
Access No. 138872 | 46 secs | 1940s | Port Lonsdale, VIC, Australia | © NFSA | B&W |
VS musicians and students at music camp walking to hall for a recital of chamber music. GS of musicians playing in semi-circular formation inside room watched by students. VS of musicians playing and students watching with MS to young couple in audience sharing programme. GS flautist practicing on the steps of her cabin and MS double bass playing practicing in room.
Access No. 138873 | 1 min | 1940s | Port Lonsdale, VIC, Australia | © NFSA | B&W |
VS man playing snooker while students practice their instruments around him. GS of students walking with their instruments to their music camp cabins and GS of students entering room where they are allocated parts they will perform. CUs of music scores. MS percussion student hammering hanging chime sounding like cow bells and GS to students piling out of room and across grounds towards beach.
Access No. 138874 | 1 min 22 secs | 1940s | Port Lonsdale, VIC, Australia | © NFSA | B&W |
GS boy lying in sand dune with trumpet beside him quickly joining other students from music camp on the beach where they perform in a large orchestral group on sand with sea in background watched by other students, families and visitors from the dunes in front of them. VS musicians playing and being conducted. CUs girl playing timpani drums and orchestra seen from various angles.
Access No. 138875 | 2 mins 13 secs | 1940s | Port Lonsdale, VIC, Australia | © NFSA | B&W |