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Australia Harvests Bumper Wheat Crop

Harvesting and transport of wheat in New South Wales.
Series : Australian Diary | Episode : 14 | Year : 1948 | Total Duration : 3 Minutes | Producer : Jack S Allan
Field of ripened wheat. Harvesters at work in wheat field. Farmers bag wheat by sewing it into hessian sacks. CU of mans hands tossing grains of wheat in its bag. Bags loaded onto truck and trailer. Truck drives off. District silo. Bumper wheat crop ready for storage. Bags of wheat on conveyor belt for rail transport. Harbour side silo in Sydney. Wheat poured from silo into ship. Quicktime clip available.
Access No. 1221 | 2 mins 26 secs | 1940s | NSW, Australia | © NFSA | B&W |