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Volo Momoru - The Turtle Net

Andrew Kilgy of Baolo village on Santa Isabel in the Solomon Islands is one of the last men who know how to weave a traditional net for catching turtles.
Series : Solomon Islands | Episode : 9 | Year : 1982 | Total Duration : 26 Minutes | Producer : Don Murray
Director : Graham Chase |
Solomon Islands elder teaching village men the craft of traditional turtle net making. Elder instructing in native language. Voice over in English. Men eating and drinking during instruction. Man cutting lengths of rods. GS children, young girl playing ukelele. CUs rubbing sticks for fire, building fire, burning holes in rod. Elder in body paint and decorated visor threading net onto rods. Villagers launching dugout canoe into water, pagan priest blessing net, floats attached to net, net loaded into canoe. Men paddle to sea, placing net near turtle, underwater view of men chasing turtle into net and into canoe. MS man blowing into conch shell, singing as they row home in sunset.
Access No. 148416 | 25 mins 32 secs | 1980s | Solomon Islands | © Unclear | Colour |