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Ticket to Sydney

Travelling around Sydney using a variety of public transport
Series : Australian Colour Diary | Episode : 39 | Year : 1971 | Total Duration : 10 Minutes | Producer : Gil Brealey
Director : Brian Hannant |
Different forms of transport used by commuters on their way to work ; early morning scenics around Sydney Harbour, road works; ship ÒOrcadesÓ at wharf, collecting toll on Sydney Harbour Bridge, morning traffic, various shots of ferries on harbour, people boarding and during journey, hydrofoil as above. Low angle shot under Sydney Harbour Bridge. Quicktime clip available.
Access No. 43262 | 3 mins 48 secs | 1970s | Sydney, NSW, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
Red Rattler train crossing over Sydney Harbour Bridge, Central Station clock tower, people on station, commuters boarding and in train some smoking, buses as above, traffic on Sydney harbour Bridge, various shots of people on ferries, hydrofoil, train and buses on the way to work. Aqua car in Harbour and driving out on to road, man in canoe. Cars driving into car parks and people getting off buses and trains. Quicktime clip available.
Access No. 43263 | 3 mins 27 secs | 1970s | Sydney, NSW, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
CU Don't Walk sign, changes to Walk. Pedestrians waiting at lights and crossing street, many women wearing mini-skirts. VS multi-story car parks, interior and exterior , man in aqua car, man in canoe on Sydney Harbour, parking meters, motor bikes, traffic, Double Decker buses on streets and at depot, bus drivers smoking and relaxing, ferry men same, man sweeping out train - after peak hour rush Quicktime clip available.
Access No. 43264 | 1 min 59 secs | 1970s | Sydney , NSW, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |