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Unknown Land

Scenes and songs of Australia's northwest.
Year : 1972 | Total Duration : 28 Minutes | Producer : Roland Beckett
Director : Oliver Howes |
Aerial tracks over red landscapes, river systems and rocky outcrops of northwestern Australia. Zoom in to CU of old historic world map to Terra Australis. VS forest at night, indigenous natives hunting, kangaroos. CUs archival photographs, drawings and paintings of early exploration. Aboriginal drover, archival still gold panning. Road making, road train, tourist vehicle with indigenous guides travelling on roof, water buffalo, pelicans and egrets on wetlands. Geologist on clifftop looking at minerals, shadow of plane over gorge, VS surveyors inside plane, map making. VS party in Pilbara, helicopter landing. Brolgas, cormorant, jacanas, wetlands. Bridge building on Carnarvon to Port Hedland section. Aerials over flooded rivers, Ord River dam. WS mine explosions in hills, machinery, making dam embankment. VS irrigation, cotton crops, crop duster. Aerials over irrigated fields
Access No. 148226 | 11 mins 34 secs | 1970s | WA, Australia | © Restricted Access | Colour |
VS Broome pearler, deep sea diver, pearl oysters, CU pearl extracted from shell with tweezers. Red sunset over sea. VS indigenous cattlemen. Tracks over outback from helicopter mustering water buffaloes, cattle. Farmer hand feeding bulls from truck, interview. VS simple bore. Low aerial over dark soil outback, dirt road, tent settlement of construction camp, caravans. Mess hall, housing construction, VS young schoolchildren, CU interview teacher. Shops, shoppers, indigenous twins in stroller. Women grading dirt with broom for golfing, golf, archery. WS pan iron ore mine. Train and goods trucks, ore being loaded onto ship, ship and tug at sea, ship's pilot, wharf. Aerials over coast, rocky hills, mountains
Access No. 148583 | 15 mins | 1970s | WA, Australia | © Restricted Access | Colour |