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HNL 1466 : WW1 and WW2

Recruits marching in civilian clothes, naval vessels at sea, soldiers on around Sphinx near Mena Camp, men riding camels in Cairo, ships, soldiers running at Gallipoli, ANZAC, WS dugouts on hillside, soldiers carrying supplies, Walking through trench, Anzac Cove beach, Light Horse in desert, General Harry Chauvel, Australian Light Horse, troops in Damascus, explosion on Western Front, Australian troops in France moving to the front line, mules pull supplies (1914 to 1918) WWI
Access No. 42504 | 1 min 12 secs | 1910s | Australia, Egypt, Damascus, France, Cairo, Western Front, Gallipoli, Turkey | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | B&W |
Troops in trenches on Western Front, Australian soldiers march through Ypres with damaged Cloth Hall in background, Prime Minister William Morris (Billy) Hughes with troops in Europe (1916), Billy Hughes returns to Australia, Hughes holding baby,Governor General Sir Munro Ferguson taking salute as troops march past, (1914 to 1918). WWI
Access No. 42505 | 33 secs | 1910s | Western Front, France, Belgium, Australia, Ypres | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | B&W |
Recruiting stand in Martin Place Sydney, Woman pins flower on civilian's lapel during fund raising event, troops in billets in France, King George V knighting General Sir John Monash, troops walking along battle scarred road with destroyed town in background, VS heavy artillery firing - Australian, troops in trench, AIF, soldiers leave trench to go over the top (1914 to 1918). WWI
Access No. 42506 | 42 secs | 1910s | Sydney, NSW, Australia; France | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | B&W |
LA observation balloon on fire, troops joyful pranks at Armistice - climbing out of a cannon (1918), Australian soldiers play two up after demobilisation, Australians in victory parade London, Queen Mary & King George V on Royal dais, Australian troops past, Troops parade in Australia - including the 5th AIF, (1914 to 1918).WWI
Access No. 42507 | 37 secs | 1910s | France, Western Front, London, Australia | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | B&W |
Prime Minister Robert Menzies speaking says Òwe can't be beatenÓ, troops marching through Sydney, small children waving flags, armoured vehicles driven through desert in training (January 1940 - 6th Division), March past of soldiers in full uniform, salute taken by King George VI in Field Marshals uniform, WWII
Access No. 42508 | 24 secs | 1940s | Australia, England, Middle East, Bardia, Libya | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | B&W |
Sign for Bardia, WS military vehicles in desert (January 1941 - 6th Division), artillery firing, foot soldiers advancing through desert, (1939 to 1945), heavy artillery firing, troops marching b/g, General Sir Thomas Blamey in a tent, military vehicles on road in Greece, LA German aircraft, LS village of Elasson being bombed (was Blamey's headquarters in Greece) , burning wreckage, allied troops disembark and crowd the wharf at Alexandria after the evacuation of Greece, Field Marshal Rommel with staff officers (1939 to 1945) WWII
Access No. 42509 | 1 min 6 secs | 1940s | Bardia, Libya, Elasson, Greece, Alexandria, Egypt, | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | B&W |
German stuka, dive bomber diving (quick shot) RAAF ground crew, Australian plane takes off from Middle East airfield, POV from tail, Lebanese / Syrian border sign, high ranking military officers at table, 7th Division Australian troops single file in snow country, ships on fire sinking in Pearl Harbour (Harbour) after attack by the Japanese (1939 to 1945) WWII
Access No. 42510 | 34 secs | 1940s | Syria, Middle East, Pearl Harbour, USA, | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | B&W |
Prime Minister John Curtin speaking December 1941 (mute), small Japanese tank destroyed in Malaya, village hut destroyed by explosion, (1939 to 1945) WWII
Access No. 42511 | 19 secs | 1940s | Australia, Malaya | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | B&W |
Devastated Singapore street, Newspaper headline from The Sun ÒJapan Attacks SingaporeÓ, LA Japanese aircraft in formation in sky, Japanese over Darwin, LS Darwin attacked from sea, (1939 to 1945) WWII
Access No. 42512 | 14 secs | 1940s | Singapore, Malaya, Darwin, NT, Australia | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | B&W |
American soldiers disembark in Australia, Australian soldiers march on their return from the Middle East, barracks being built, soldiers walking up muddy jungle track in New Guinea, DC3 low flying, dropping supplies (Biscuit Bomber), American sea plane from aircraft carrier, naval convoy at sea, Australian ship (HMAS Canberra?) firing guns from US ship, (1939 to 1945) WWII, World War II
Access No. 42513 | 48 secs | 1940s | Sydney, Australia, New Guinea | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | B&W |
LA planes fly over Bismarck Sea Pacific, POV from attacking Beaufort fighter strafing ship & coastline, 7th division paratroopers jump from plane for attack on Nazeb, 9th Division troops land on beach from landing craft, devastated village, Australian troops walking, Australian troops boarding landing craft, small ships in convoy during Òisland hoppingÓ , atom bomb explodes (August 15th, 1945) , WS crowd of people in Australia celebrating VJ Day, Prime Minister Chifley addressing parliament (quick shot) (1939 to 1945) WWII. RAN
Access No. 42514 | 1 min 6 secs | 1940s | Bismarck Sea, Solomon Islands, Australia, Japan, New Guinea | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | B&W |