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HNL 1459 : World War II - US in Philippines- Canberra - Tobruk

English soldiers baking bread, turning loaves out of tins, WS soldier washes in bathtub using hose, air raid and he digs into the water to escape, man in tub, VS camouflaged ship in Tobruk Harbour is hit by bomb & sinks, Crew of ship on land in lifejackets and blankets, drinking tea, soldier with dog, MS burning German fighter plane on ground, VS unexploded shell out of crater, VS desert warfare, MS soldiers firing rifles, MS soldiers advance through barbed wire, Soldiers on lookout & patrol, Australian soldier stands next to captured tank, VS tanks on fire, British firing artillery, VS wrecked freighters on shore, sign post to Tobruk, MS trucks past with soldiers (1939 1945) WWII
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