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HNL 1435 : World War II - Fall of Singapore - POW Camp

Poor Quality - MS statue in Singapore, WS statue with Japanese tanks along street in B/G, VS Japanese tanks with soldiers riding on the top in procession through Singapore after they captured the city, VS convoy of allied trucks drive through city, Australian soldiers march into Prisoner of War camp past Japanese guards, Sikh soldiers, HA huge number of allied prisoners of war (POW), VS Allied POW digging under directions of Japanese, VS procession of Japanese official cars driving to surrender ceremony, Past allied troops lining the road, (1939 1945) WWII
Access No. 124802 | 3 mins 18 secs | 1940s | Singapore, | © Imperial War Museum & Film World (Cinesound Movietone) | B&W |
PAN POW camp in trees, VS men in shorts, getting food (they already look thin) VS soldiers cooking on small fire, VS men showering in open area, some naked, VS food line, VS Officer talking to soldiers in camp,MS very thin men in camp (civilians), MS Australian soldiers getting off small boat at Rose Bay after their return to Australia, MS greeting family, VS double decker bus carries the men through the waving crowds, Sign on front of a bus says Ò8th Div AIF Prisoners of War from SingaporeÓ, VS reunions , couples hugging, man has dinner with his family for the first time since returning, 1939 1945) WWII
Access No. 124803 | 3 mins 59 secs | 1940s | Thailand, Burma, Sydney, NSW, Australia | © Imperial War Museum & Film World (Cinesound Movietone) | B&W |
Poor Quality - HA Changi Prisoner of War camp in Singapore, int barracks, men sitting on mattresses on the floor, VS thin men, wounded men walking, VS making rice & other ÒFoodÓ in bathtubs, VS men lining up for food and taking a wash, WS train sits on railway line, men look at chart, Australian officer and Japanese look at the Thai - Burma railway line, VS grave markers for the men who died building the railway, pan rocky embankment along railway, LA small train goes over trellis bridge, Steam train with men on it, Soldiers inspecting railway line and looking at graves of men who died building the railway, POV from back of train as it travels along line, VS temple & POW camp after its liberation, Sign for Songkrai, (1939 1945) WWII
Access No. 124804 | 5 mins 39 secs | 1940s | Singapore, Thailand, Burma | © Imperial War Museum & Film World (Cinesound Movietone) | B&W |