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HNL 1434 : World War II - Thailand POW

Sign says ÒAlong this RORD (road?) you shall find the sleeping place of brave comrades of the allied forcesÓ, Japanese walk past and read the sign (though it is only in English), VS Japanese & Australian soldiers looking at crosses marking graves, native villagers milling around, WS jungle views, LA small train along Thai - Burma railway, POV from back of train, MS Steam train pulls up with people in open carriages & on top, WS railway line, LA small railcar goes over trellis bridge, WS destroyed bridge with Australian soldiers in F/G, WS destroyed bridge, VS War Memorial (1939 1945). WWII
Access No. 43075 | 3 mins 3 secs | 1940s | Thailand, Burma | © Australian War Memorial | B&W |