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HNL 1424 : World War II - Australian & US Forces in New Guinea

VS Australian soldiers marching through Melbourne streets, Some shots superimposed over footage of overseas service, Australian soldiers walk beside tanks in New Guinea, cleaning rifles, firing artillery, Damien Parer footage of battle for Japanese pillbox, dead Japanese soldiers, Mountain gun & machine gun captured(1939 1945). WWII
Access No. 42980 | 1 min 45 secs | 1940s | Melbourne, Vic, Australia, New Guinea | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | B&W |
VS US landing craft approaches beach near Salamaua with Australian & US soldiers, supplies unloaded & carried by natives, VS fighting at Salamaua, artillery, US soldiers walking up jungle path, VS aftermath of shelling, VS native stretcher bearers & US soldiers carrying wounded into landing barge, Australian soldiers advancing after battle, HA Salamaua, Australian soldiers walking, Jeep unloaded from aircraft, small bulldozers & graders, jeeps with supplies along road as troops advance towards Lae, sign for Lae, 9th Division soldiers sit on the ground waiting to move out. AIF. (1939 1945). WWII
Access No. 42982 | 2 mins 33 secs | 1940s | Salamaua, Lae, New Guinea | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | B&W |
VS landing craft at beach head with soldiers boarding for shipping to Lae, MS landing craft at sea to camera, VS landing barges head towards Lae, Sept 4th - landing craft move towards beach under naval guns, landing craft at beach, soldiers disembark, Jeeps & other supplies unloaded onto beach, Pushing 6Ó gun along muddy track, infantry walk into jungle, gun fired, wounded on stretchers on jeep, VS soldiers walking towards Lae, WS Japanese airstrip with destroyed planes, VS destroyed Japanese camp (1939 1945). WWII
Access No. 42985 | 2 mins 38 secs | 1940s | Lae, New Guinea | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | B&W |