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HNL 1409 : Tasmania - Japanese Children - BCOF

LA old Tasmanian church spire, MS tossing hay with fork from cart to haystack, VS Male seal chasing the penguins, WS snow covered mountain with ship in F/G, WS catalina flying boat takes off from water, HA flying boat taxies, air to air in flight over isolated coastline & city, Aerial river meets the sea,VS Aerial coastline, VS tropical fish in tank, WS live turtle being hauled into small rowing boat by 2 men, Aerial small island surrounded by beach (looks tropical & is probably in Queensland), CU propeller of plane turns, Aerial industry on the side of a river, Aerial rocky headland, WS man & woman water skiing together while hanging onto a single board,
Access No. 42563 | 4 mins 43 secs | 1940s | Tas, Australia, Qld, Australia | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | B&W |
VS Japanese children in school situation could be Japanese war detention centre in Australia, INT classroom, Japanese teacher, Children reading books, MS, writing English into textbook, MS boy reading aloud from book, CU boy reading, VS children reading & writing, VS Australian military band on parade, VS troops on parade ground in Japan, MS Japanese military take off hats & bow, VS Australians as part of the British Commonwealth Occupation Force (BCOF) on parade, VS soliders on small boat WWII
Access No. 42564 | 5 mins 5 secs | 1940s | Japan, Australia | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | B&W |