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A look at life in Australia's national capital.
Year : 1968 | Total Duration : 17 Minutes | Producer : Malcolm Otton
Director : John Milson, Donald Crombie |
High angle zoom out over lake Burley Griffin and city, LS hills. Aerials over city and bridge. Construction site. workers playing lunchtime baseball. Japanese tourists in gardens. WS Parliament House. Man on roadside getting into Volkswagen Beetle in early morning fog, CU signpost for Sydney and Melbourne. Man jogging alongside foggy lake. City in fog. Men gathered around bonfire in vacant lot, WS National Library of Australia, jogger running past. Jogger along Lake, WS office centre, CU bus, GS metal girders, Philippine flag being raised, Zoom out jogger across Commonwealth Avenue Bridge. Woman collecting milk from footpath with dog, people arriving at work by foot, car and bus. Low shot cars across bridge.
Access No. 124790 | 3 mins 10 secs | 1960s | Canberra, ACT, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
Zoom out from CU of welding formwork upright, VS constructions sites, builders working. VS builders. Track through streets, zoom in to construction workers on scaffolding, roofers, concreters. WS city buildings including ES&A Bank and track past suburban houses. High aerials over city. CUs original plan drawings for Canberra and aerials over city and lake reflecting grid layout. Young boys playing rugby union, parents watching, men playing league. Children running to school, others arriving on foot or by bicycle. Small children arriving by car, carrying library bags, VS preschool. Zoom into band in university building, CUs man playing bottle, banjo, foot tapping, violinist, guitarist. CU woman in square sunglasses.
Access No. 124791 | 3 mins 49 secs | 1960s | Canberra, ACT, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
Public servants walking to work in suits. VS office activities such as removing cover from typewriter, waxing indoor plants. Worker in hardhat climbing stairs of radar, VS workers climbing spiral stairs. Men at rows of office desks. CU woman using urn and returning to desk with cup of tea, VS workers carrying paperwork. Draftsman at desk, CU plotting machine, reel to reel tape player, CU woman typing, tapes spooling. Lunch break, workers leaving building, eating on benches, in park and feeding sea gulls from car. Woman crossing street with poodle, busy street scenes. Women eating lunch outside Administrative Building, King Edward Terrace, Parkes and women playing baseball watched by office workers. Man pruning roses. Tilt to inside greenhouse and woman tending seedlings, spray mist.
Access No. 124792 | 2 mins 28 secs | 1960s | Canberra, ACT, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
Yachting on Lake Burley Griffin. Family walking in park and flying kite. People smelling blossom trees including African and Japanese tourists taking photographs. Woman posing for photo in front of various buildings. Statues and sculptures including Sir John Downer Memorial Fountain, Tom Bass sculpture 'Ethos'. Ballet dancer practising on stage of empty theatre. Boat trips on Lake Burley Griffin, passing under bridges. Tourist centre, boy jumping up to look through telescope. Buses outside Parliament House, interior art collection, boy looking at statue and portraits of Prime Ministers. Interior empty parliament, speaker's chair and gold rod.
Access No. 124793 | 3 mins 41 secs | 1960s | Canberra, ACT, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
Line of artillery. Aircraft arriving at Canberra Airport, met by crowds and media. Indian flags and Prime Minster of India Mrs Indira Gandhi disembarking and greeted by Prime Minster John Gorton. Tilt to Indian flag, military band play anthem, Guard of Honour, school children waving flags. Theatre goers mingling in foyer pre-show. Foreign dignitaries arriving for garden party at Official residence. Note hats. Bus, roads, pedestrian, traffic on roads. CU's individual cars. WS around Canberra and across lake Burley Griffin at dusk.
Access No. 124794 | 2 mins 57 secs | 1960s | Canberra, ACT, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |