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HNL 1307 : New Guinea and Gallipoli Out Takes

Groups of young native men, & one white man, in front of huts. Woman carrying baby. People making tools, smoking pipes, dancing, eating, trapping animals, hunting. Long houses over water . Baby sleeping in a bilum bag. Children playing in the village, face painting, tribal elders, woman with baby, men smoking, Human head hanging on string, man holds out nut in his hand
Access No. 42705 | 3 mins 46 secs | 1920s | Papua New Guinea | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | B&W |
Line of battleships & submarines, hills in background. Guns on ship firing, explosions on land. Turkish soldiers preparing to fight. Beach landing. Turkish troops in trenches with bayonets, troops advancing, firing cannons & machine guns. Dead Turkish soldiers. Mounted Turkish troops. Anzac Cove, boats at wharves. Huge crowd of allied soldiers on the shore. WWI
Access No. 42706 | 7 mins 14 secs | 1910s | Gallipoli, Turkey | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | B&W |