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HNL 1254: Old Time Drama

Woman looking away from man wistfully. Melancholy bride in wedding dress & veil. Older looks up to camera woman smiles. Well dressed men & women at horse races, chatting with group of women, couple looking sad and excited, cheering on horses. Melancholy bride is dressed by bridesmaids. Fat woman sits in chair outdoors smoking & talking. Woman at races seen through binoculars. Bride studies herself in mirror (1920's)
Access No. 42021 | 2 mins 4 secs | 1920s | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | B&W |
Drawing room, man with doomed expression sits as butler brings him a drink, man sits in chair, woman's face appears over glass & fades, woman enters, kneels next to his chair comforting him, maid enters, couple talking. Another fainting woman enters supported by maid, man employs smelling salts, woman comes round, embraces him, they talk, maid brings in child
Access No. 42024 | 2 mins 36 secs | 1920s | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | B&W |
Woman with long loose hair in ringlets sits on doorstep cuddling puppies, puts on bonnet, walks away. She tends cattle, man in riding gear approaches, they converse, he leaves, she looks disgruntled. Woman feeding calf. Man beats unkempt man with stick, bonnetted woman with calf drops feed & runs away, exterior farm, woman runs in, takes stick, protects unkempt man. Man on horse back rides through field with grazing cows, woman hails man on horse he rides towards her, she runs to nearby barn, he follows .
Access No. 42027 | 2 mins 4 secs | 1920s | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | B&W |
Man kneels by grave in field weeps, walking along country road carrying baby & swag, kisses baby, pastor & woman on verandah see them & jump up to greet them, man grieving at grave in field, pastor & woman fuss over man & baby in gateway. Sunrise over farm & hills, man gives baby to woman & pastor, kisses baby goodbye, man sadly walks away, Pastor leads woman & child away. Childless man walks up hill, sits, raises hand in distant farewell.
Access No. 42031 | 2 mins 15 secs | 1920s | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | B&W |
Young woman with bonnet and long hair in ringlets talks to well dressed man of before, a suitor rides up, first man become abusive, 2 other men enter, older man with beard embraces woman suitor chases well dressed man away from woman (1920's)
Access No. 42035 | 1 min | 1920s | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | B&W |