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HNL 1244: Australasian Gazette - Australian Made

Brief shots - Governor of NSW Sir Dudley de Chair Ôs visit to McMurtries's arranged by the Australian Made Preference League - standing on front of steam train engine with Lady de Chair, Train to travel around Australia, crest and sign ÒAdvance AustraliaÓ. Governor blows whistle, train moves off. Train arriving at Goulburn. School boys in hats and overcoats marching along platform to exhibition. Crowd gathered, speech. (1927?)
Access No. 123249 | 42 secs | 1920s | Sydney; Goulburn, NSW, Australia | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | B&W |
Brief shots - Business men seated around table for meeting of the Australian Made Preference League. Map of Australia and Asia, ÒOvercrowding in North Pacific, Australia Empty - How Long?Ó Man in home showing newspaper to woman sewing. Caption Ò Make Every Week Australian Made Preference WeekÓ. Women in drapers shop. Bonds and Akubra signs
Access No. 123250 | 21 secs | 1920s | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | B&W |