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HNL 1068: Early RAAF and Aircraft

General RAAF (Australian Flying Corps) airfield activity - engineers preparing biplanes for flight, OUT OF HANGAR, TURNING PROPELLOR, loading bombs underneath plane. Sopwith Camel biplanes taxiing (one with man pushing), taking off, ground to air shots, landing. Another row of fighter planes lined up, pilot climbing into cockpit, propellors turning, taxiing away. Two pilots to camera laughing, one in flying helmet. (1914 1918). WWI
Access No. 42677 | 2 mins 38 secs | 1910s | France | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | B&W |
General Birdwood at Training Centre England?Four officers walking to camera. Troops gathered for military briefing. Engineers working on biplane. Australian soldiers at Aerial Machine Gun training. Engineer loading machine gun onto plane (1914 1918). WWI. RAAF
Access No. 42678 | 2 mins 34 secs | 1910s | United Kingdom? | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | B&W |
Australian Flying Corps (air force) RAAF men practice Òswinging the propÓ (turning propellor). Row of fighter biplanes lined up , taking off , POV from tail of plane as it takes off, in air, aerial hangars and air field. Air to air shots biplanes. Australian Defence Force. Aerial coastline and mountains. air to air planes in flight. WWI
Access No. 42679 | 4 mins | 1910s | Middle East | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | B&W |