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HNL 1062 : Coastal Command - Reel 6

VS crew of Catalina (Australian) looking for damaged Sunderland, goes in to help fight German, Australian Flying Boat comes in to help, planes flying side by side over water, Beaufighter aircraft arrive, German planes Ju-88's leave the area, chased by Beaufighters, wounded crewmen visited by Captain, air to air flying boats in formation, int control room, planes fly back to base together & land on water at night, wounded in hospital, visited by Captain who announces they are going to West Africa, plane at mooring as engines start up, POV from rear of plane as it takes off from water, WWII. RAF
Access No. 124425 | 7 mins 10 secs | 1940s | Atlantic Ocean | © Imperial War Museum, London | B&W |