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HNL 1062 : Coastal Command - Reel 5

Captain, VS trying to plug fuel leak after being hit by a German sea raider (ship), message sent back to base, Hitler doll hanging in Sunderland flying boat, officers at base discussing position of Sunderland, another Sunderland taking off from water, fuel leak stopped in the first plane, crewman overcome by fumes, wounded man treated, wall map with woman plotting position of the Sunderland, air to air Catalina (Australian) searching for ÒT for TommyÓ, VS attack by enemy aircraft, Sunderland flying low over water, VS attack by German planes Ju-88's , fighting back, gunner wounded, Sunderland low over water, crew. WWII. RAF
Access No. 124424 | 7 mins 7 secs | 1940s | Atlantic Ocean | © Imperial War Museum, London | B&W |