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HNL 1038: Cavalcade of Australia (Can 38)

Australian Soldiers (uniformed) & recruits (no uniforms) marching together towards camera, cavalry in street. Boarding ship. Soldiers on camels in desert (Mena Camp), Gallipoli - battleships firing, WS Gallipoli, CU's Turkish officers, Turkish soldiers on horseback, battle ship fires to shore, WS explosions on hillside, pan along dugouts in hillside (Australian), in trenches. (1915) damaged equipment after evacuation including Heavy artillery. ANZAC. WWI
Access No. 42695 | 1 min 31 secs | 1910s | Gallipoli, Turkey | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | B&W |
Allied troops in trenches. Preparing bayonets. Barbed wire, explosions. Heavy gun firing. Australian gun crew (one wears a souvenir German helmet), Explosions in No Man's Land. Troops on horizon. Mules in the mud soldiers laying duck boards. Silhouette of mule train. Desert, line of troops on horizon. Troops on horseback Australian Light Horse. Heavy guns being loaded and firing in desert, soldiers wearing pith helmets (they look British). Mortar fired Machine gun. Large number of soldiers on camels and horses, camels carrying stretchers & supplies, Red Cross wagons, VS makeshift camp, putting up tents. (1916) WWI
Access No. 122951 | 3 mins 52 secs | 1910s | Western Front, Middle East | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | B&W |