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HNL 1015 : Cavalcade of Australia

Crowds at Richmond Carnival in South Richmond, Melbourne (1915). Woman selling tickets, clowns in front of sign for Sandringham Yacht Club, carousel ride, parade led by horse drawn carriage. St. Kilda and Richmond Football clubs in parade, Statues in Melbourne - Queen Victoria, Edward VII The Peacemaker, Lord Hopetoun, the Marquis of Linlithgow (Australia's first Govenor-General), Captain Matthew Flinders , Edmund Gerald Fitzgibbon. Sign for site of Shrine of Remembrance with foundations being constructed by returned soldiers. Fleet arrives under flagship HMAS Melbourne into Port Phillip Bay. Tugboat. Arrival of HMAS Canberra and HMAS Australia for Melbourne Cup. (1920's)
Access No. 41884 | 6 mins 38 secs | 1920s, 1910s, | Richmond, Melbourne, Vic, Australia | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | B&W |
Road workers constructing tram lines on St Kilda Road, Melbourne as trams, cars and horse drawn vehicles pass by. Christmas holidays, 1928. People gathered on footpath with suit cases prepared for holidays, loading cars with luggage and suitcases strapped to running board. Pedestrians running in rain, holding newspaper over head for protection. Homeless men in city park with bottle and shaking hands. Ducks on Exhibition Lake. The beaches and crowds of swimmers on Christmas Day. Children in full bathers and hats on waters edge. Sign Our St Paul's - Share in the Work, Complete a Noble Building at the City's Gate. Crowds outside nearly completed church. Bishop, choir boys and priests in parade to church.
Access No. 41890 | 4 mins 7 secs | 1920s | Melbourne, Vic, Australia | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | B&W |