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HNL 1014: World War II North Africa, Mediterranean and New Guinea

Soldiers loading artillery and VS of firing guns at German aircraft flying overhead. Pilot in cockpit. Aerial of bombs falling from bomber. Explosions. Tanks. English soldiers in tin helmuts and long trench coats advance with tanks in dry sandy conditions. Large group of Italian prisoners of war, POWs . Soldiers through barbed wire, soldiers lying on ground and firing guns. White flag. Dead horse, injured soldier with white dog, death and destruction. Soldiers carry injured on stretchers. Red cross van. Sign to Tobruk. Trucks of soldiers pass through bombed town.
Access No. 145168 | 5 mins 10 secs | , 1940s, | North Africa | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | B&W |
Soldier load artillery, Italian troops with loaded mules. Soldiers pass through town. Formation of bombers overhead and dropping bombs on towns in distant hills. Shots of bombed town. Woman with shovels repairing bombed road. German soldiers firing tanks. Greek women and children watch trucks of English soldiers drive through devastated town. Good shots of Greek women, one carrying bale of hay on her back. German soldiers in tanks and riding motorbikes.
Access No. 145169 | 3 mins 47 secs | , 1940s, | Greece | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | B&W |
Various warships at sea. JU88 Luftwaffe aircraft in take off. Dornier aircraft in flight. Messerschmidt peeling off.from formation. Bombs dropping from aircraft and aerials of explosions. German officers and paratroopers loading guns into boxes and onto planes. Paratroopers jumping out of planes. Aerial of hundreds of white parachutes as they land. Fighting between English and Germans on the ground and explosions from bomber fighters in the air. Mobile rocket launchers. Injured soldiers being helped. Soldiers with bayonets and soldiers throwing grenades at buildings in town. Devastation and destruction of town. Ship at sea bombed. English troops on RAN ships and onshore with souvenirs, swastika banner
Access No. 145170 | 8 mins 2 secs | , 1940s, | Crete | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | B&W |
Australian troops through jungle trails with carriers, soldiers with artillery. Carriers carry packs across stream. CU of soldier eating. Soldiers walking and smoking. CU on feet through mud. Hauling large cannon through jungle. Naked soldiers washing in stream, having hair cuts. Japanese prisoners of war, POWs, looking very sick and being cared for by soldiers who give them water. Plane drops supplies. Diggers washing in river, playing cards, cooking on campfire, writing letters and relaxing in hammock. Soldiers come ashore from canoes paddled by native Papuans. Lines of soldiers hacking their way through jungle and across streams and setting up aerial for coast watchers
Access No. 145171 | 14 mins 11 secs | , 1940s, | Papua New Guinea | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | B&W |